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Law Ram
Law Ram
Posted on 12 February 11 at 23:59
I am down to my final few achievements on this and one of the achievements that I should have won is the complete the game too 100% as I have done all what is asked and all the achievements for it.
I look on my saved screen and its says 99% complete but I have gone through everything, all levels.
I have just noticed that on each maps, not all of the lines are joined up and that there no lines connecting each stage.
Anyone know what that is about and how I can over come it?

Thank you
Posted on 13 February 11 at 09:08
Is there still a character or extra that needs unlocking somewhere?

Or if this is the second one, it might be something in the level builder section that still hasn't been done.

I think on one of the games, I had everything done but when I completed a level I had already done once more and that triggered the 100%.
Posted on 13 February 11 at 09:23, Edited on 13 February 11 at 09:23 by RadiantViper
Alright, I haven't played this particular title in a while ... but I know in LHP one of the easiest things people missed - especially really close to 100% - was actually buying every item they've unlocked (characters, red bricks, etc). I would double check that.

Sorry if this isn't much help ... like I said my LIJ skills are a bit rusty lol.
Posted on 13 February 11 at 10:09
Have you done all the bonus levels?
Posted on 13 February 11 at 20:08
I haven't played in a while, but as I recall there was a puzzle in the mansion that you had to solve?
Posted on 15 February 11 at 06:55
In Indy's office you have to put together the X on the floor, it will give you a key that unlocks the floor in the museum. After you've found enough artifacts, you can play each level in the museum. You have to complete all three levels, as well as get 1,000,000 studs on the LEGO level in order to reach your 100%.

Purchase all characters in the library.

Purchase all bonus items.

I'm moving this thread to the Lego forum, as it seems that you finished the game.
Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
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