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Tekken Tag 2 Teams.

Posted on 19 September 12 at 11:39, Edited on 19 September 12 at 11:43 by LockAndLuke
Hey guys.

When it comes to stats or some way to give a game replay value then I get way too excited.
As you may know there is a "Team" function in this game and I think it's pretty cool, you have to go to This Site Here, sign up and link your gamertag, from there you can create a team, join a team check out your stats from the game etc...
Me and a friend created a team called "Advent of Decay" and are looking for more members.
You can find our team page here:
Advent of Decay

We're relaxed and play for fun, no skill or knowledge required and everyone is welcome if they'd like to join, people from TA were my first thought as we all know TA and it's members are awesome.

If you'd like to join please PM me and let me know, it'd be great to have some more members representing our team online smile
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