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Information Posted on 01 November 12 at 14:35
Al Soure has just submitted some Game Info for Worms: Revolution:

Japanese Release Date change from 10 Oct 2012 to 01 Oct 2005

Al Soure said:
Not available in Japan.

From the lesson from Double Dragon Neon, I don't assert this is not available for the future, but I think it's highly likely to be so.

Also a reference.

As a side note, Pool Nation is also likely to be excluding Japan.
Posted on 12 November 12 at 06:19
Thanks again. Another one that looks like it isn't making its way to Japan.
Information Posted on 21 June 15 at 19:15
BulgyDragonZord has just submitted some Game Info for Worms: Revolution.

These changes are for All Regions.

Kinect Support set to No Kinect support

BulgyDragonZord said:You can get this game bundled with the DLC on a disc. So the message in the red box should note that the game has been de-listed but may still available on disc. Here is a link to a package that contains this game...
WebChimp UK
WebChimp UK
Posted on 21 June 15 at 20:06
Thanks for the submission, BulgyDragonZord. We've updated the distribution method of the game and DLC to correct the message displayed on the page.
Information Posted on 21 June 15 at 21:31
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