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  • Posted on 30 July 12 at 02:23Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Toy Story 3 walkthrough
  • AtsumerAtsumer312,072
    Posted on 30 July 12 at 18:32, Edited on 25 August 12 at 16:39 by AtsumerPermalink
    I must say I enjoyed playing through Toy Story 3 and although it was an easy 1000G I was a little surprised when I saw that there wasn't a walkthrough for it. So I thought: What the heck. I don't mind playing through the game again so I write one.

    Naturally the walkthrough I'm about to begin to work on will have two parts: Story Walkthrough and Toy Box Walkthrough. The Story Walkthrough will focus on the collectible locations and how to get level specific achievements. I will provide a level breakdown to identify specific portions/locations of a level in order to descibe collectible locations. I will not describe the levels in detail nor will I tell you how to maneuver through the level (there may be exceptions - can't think of any now. We'll see).

    In the Toy Box walkthrough I will try to give a micro walkthrough for every mission (even the ones not required for achievements). With micro walkthrough I mean one or two sentences. The walkthrough will have a strong emphasis on how to achieve all 103 gold stars, which includes the locations of all prize capsules and how to obtain all Pict-o-matic missions. I will try to map out the quickest way to get all those stars which occasionally means that some achievements that could be unlocked earlier may have to wait until the story missions takes you to these places.

    If possible I will also create a complete standalone list of all prize capsule locations along with some form of grading of how easy it may be to miss for those that have already begun the game and are missing a few of those buggers.

    This will be my first walkthrough for TA but I'm not unfamiliar with the concept so I'm confident. With that said: Let's bring that old secondary gamertag to life and grab all those achievements once again.

    Story mode complete.
    Toy Box mode: 80% complete.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 July 12 at 20:35Permalink
    Good, looking forward to it toast
  • WarmedxMintsWarmedxMints842,567
    Posted on 31 July 12 at 23:37Permalink
    Good luck with the toy box walkthrough! Even better luck finding all those collectables again!!
  • Posted on 06 August 12 at 11:43Permalink
    I need to buy another copy so that I can get the rest of the achievements. I have 32/36 achievements.
  • AtsumerAtsumer312,072
    Posted on 26 August 12 at 11:32Permalink
    Major setback! I was 95% done with this walkthrough when I hit Save and got prompted "Website offline". Lost three hours of work and my save file and walkthrough is not synched anymore which means I have to play the entire Toy Box mode from scratch again...

    Guess I have my self to blame as I'm writing the walkthrough directly into TA walkthrough creation tool instead of in a local file...

    My intent was to send it to the Overseer and Walkthrough manager today, but now that won't happen in at least a week.
  • drabikdrabik334,123
    Posted on 26 August 12 at 11:52Permalink
    Oh, that sucks. Sometimes the site does have some issues loading pages, and unfortunately things like this can happen. It is sometimes best to either save often, or work off-site.

    Good luck on getting things sorted.
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  • Posted on 27 January 13 at 12:56Permalink
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: Toy Story 3 Walkthrough
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 28 January 13 at 14:29Permalink
    I just flicked through it quickly and must say I was really impressed with the amount of detail into it will use it for the collectables and toy box mode
  • DwaggieniteDwaggienite2,143,355
    Posted on 14 April 14 at 16:28, Edited on 14 April 14 at 16:59 by DwaggienitePermalink
    "Mohawk Exit"

    all references to this should be "Mohawk (Aliens)"

    Also, on the last page checklist, "Echanted Deputy Outfit" should be "Enchanted Deputy Outfit", and "Star Cadet Outfit" should be "Space Cadet Outfit"
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