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Castlevania - SOTN: What the hell is this room for?

Obsidian Rocker
Posted on 05 May 11 at 17:28
When you walk through a red door you enter a room where the music stops. The floor is light blue and green alternating tiles. It's symmetrical with an angel on each side. I'll take a picture with my iphone shortly
COA Negative
COA Negative
Posted on 05 May 11 at 17:57
Is the square for it yellow on the map?
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Obsidian Rocker
Posted on 05 May 11 at 17:58, Edited on 05 May 11 at 18:41 by Obsidian Rocker
Nah, it's just blue. The only thing I can think of is it's a room to load the rest of the castle, that way it doesn't need loading screens. Like Soul Reaver did.

Picture here:
Mickey Burns
Mickey Burns
Posted on 06 May 11 at 00:40, Edited on 06 May 11 at 00:42 by Mickey Burns
You are 100% right. It is just a room used to transition from one "level" of a castle to another as well as load the next area. When you enter a new area of the castle, the name of the area should appear at the bottom of the screen (if I recall correctly ... it has been a while since I played SotN ... it may be displayed on the top of the screen). That is all there is to that room ... you will never be attacked, you should never die, and you should never miss anything important in that room or any room like it (there will be several). Personally, I preferred having this little room to run through to a boring little loading screen (especially the ones on Splatterhouse that I am currently playing .... these are brutally long).
Obsidian Rocker
Posted on 06 May 11 at 02:29
Yeah, I prefer a transition rather than a loading screen. I just assumed it was something like the store at first since the music stopped and whatnot. Thanks
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