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Enemy Territories: Quake Wars

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 18 September 11 at 18:19
    Real quick and i'm sorry if there is already a thread about this (I didn't see one), but is this game still able to completed to the full 1000? Because I know there are some online achievements that need to be boosted... Thanks!
  • MsrossMsross851,175
    Posted on 18 September 11 at 19:13
    Yes, It can be completed.

    good luck boosting it.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 19 September 11 at 22:43
    Haha, i'm taking that as its kind of a pain to complete? How many people do you need to boost it online?
  • Posted on 19 September 11 at 23:03
    The game allows bots, but an online match needs at least two humans. Four players would be preferable so that you don't need bots. They tend not to play along with the boosting method.

    Sometimes when you boot the game, your stats will be reset (Check the very nice in-game tracker before starting to play). If that happens, dashboard and restart. It is a problem with the game not reading the data files properly, not actual data loss, seemingly. I think if your stats are showing zeroes and you get points it will overwrite them to 1 or whatever, so be very careful.

    You may want to just dashboard every time you download the title update. That might avert the stats problem and also maybe other problems, like random inexplicable inability to connect to other people one minute and not the next. If my experience was typical, expect to have to reboot consoles a few times before the damned game lets everyone in. Then, don't back out for any reason until you're finished for the night. Write down the stats from the track beforehand and keep count of what you do, so you don't need to back out and look.

    Also, make sure that your lobby settings are that it's a "Stats match" (or whatever, something like that). Otherwise nothing will count towards achievements. I may have run the soldier 3-stars achievements twice because of that mistake.
  • Posted on 20 September 11 at 19:35
    The stats resets are a problem with the stats site for the game, not your console.
    There's a problem with achievements in that the game will only award them when you qualify and never check again after. If you qualify (i.e. you hit level 3 Soldier for the 10th time) in a game with no other players and someone joins before the match ends, your stats are saved but no achievement is given, and because the game sees you have already passed the achievement requirement it won't unlock it in future. The safe thing to do is get close to the achievement and then only join other people's games to try and finish it or play with someone you know won't drop out before you hit the target.
    I've never had any connection issues with the game, but barely anyone still plays so you'll end up hosting games yourself and hoping people join so your progress counts towards the achievements.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 20 September 11 at 23:28
    Hey thanks guys! Awesome information about boosting, I didn't expect this good of feedback, but I am on trueachievements!... Sounds like this game can be a pain, but i'll keep in mind everything you guys mentioned. And Militant, it sounds like that achievement not unlocking can be solved with just playing with a boosting partner (I would hope he wouldn't back out).
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