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Best ending? *Spoilers*

Or1g1nal S1nn3r
Posted on 01 September 11 at 16:23
Is one of the endings considered to be the best? I would assume joining Halbech is the worst of the three and putting an end to Alpha Protocol and Halbech is the most sought after?

Have the developers said how they thought it should have ended? Does Thorton ride off with Heck or Scarlet? Should Scarlet have died? There are so many options to the game that I often found myself scratching my head with the results.

What do you think the appropriate ending is?
LV 1 Blue Slime
Posted on 02 September 11 at 02:17, Edited on 02 September 11 at 21:52 by LV 1 Blue Slime
They said there wouldn't be a sequel so I doubt any consideration as to which ending would be canon has been made, as it would be unnecessary.
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 06:20, Edited on 02 September 11 at 06:22 by RadiantViper
Really, it's not as simple as just the ending, I find it's about ALL the decisions you can have during the story. This game is all about choice anyways.

For me, I enjoyed my entire playthrough more when I convinced Parker to switch sides, got Marburg to reconsider what he's done, etc. - not just purely ending stuff.

Also, to the above post, IIRC it was just Sega who said they wouldn't publish it ... it's technically possible for Obsidian to get a different publisher I would think, but of course very unlikely.
Posted on 21 March 14 at 16:43
Even if I'm responding to an almost three year old thread, I'd say that while RadiantViper's got it with all the choices you make, I found Thorton, Inc. was the best one. Join Halbech, but if you play your cards right through the game, you can outmaneuver them and turn on them when you do it. It's incredibly satisfying, to say the least.
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