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Need Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Help

  • Posted on 01 January 10 at 06:14
    Okay so im playing Harry Potter OOTP, and i finished the mission where your basically trying to anger umbridge. I did all the missions possible and finished with putting the potion into the speakers, after doing this quest i have no other quests to do. I talk to hermoine and ron and they both say check the map to find more people from DA. But i check my map and theres no tasks to do on there????What do i do????
  • albajosalbajos822,278
    Posted on 01 January 10 at 17:25
    Have you set off the three bombs? After that you just need to talk to Ron's brothers to finish of the mission. Just pick their names, and the footprints will lead the way.
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  • blomphil2blomphil2168,315
    Posted on 01 January 10 at 21:22
    There's 4 quests you need to do to complete that. First is putting the howlers in the owlrey. Second is messing up the clock in the clocktower. Third is the 3 swamp bombs. And finally the potion on the speakers. Did you do all those? If so just go find fred and george like albajos said select their names from the map and follow the path to them.
  • Posted on 01 January 10 at 22:07
    I only did 2 swamp bombs, i set off the one with luna and the one with ginny. But when i look at my map under the tasks there aren't any names there or anything...
  • blomphil2blomphil2168,315
    Posted on 01 January 10 at 22:29
    There's one in the clocktower courtyard, 1 in the transfiguration courtyard, and the final one is in the paved courtyard.
  • Posted on 02 January 10 at 05:16
    Okay, ill try that. I know i did the one in the clocktower courtyard and the one in the transfiguration courtyard. I dont remember doing the paved courtyard one. Hopefully this will work because im done 70% of the game and i dont really want to have to start this game over again...
  • Posted on 03 January 10 at 02:12
    Yep, that was the one i missed. Thanks for all your help =). Did you use a guide to get 100% in this game?
  • blomphil2blomphil2168,315
    Posted on 04 January 10 at 19:45
    Yeah I used a guide. I like Harry Potter, but the game got annoying after awhile. Here's the one I used. It is pretty good. There were a couple of discrepencies I found but just use your map to see what rooms aren't completely discovered and you'll figure it out.
  • Posted on 05 January 10 at 03:03
    Thanks ill try that out, im on my very last wizard plaque and i cant find the stupid thing.
  • techie76techie76575,109
    Posted on 22 August 13 at 20:12
    does anyone know have to get the cut scene for the right tables in dark arts room ? just need this to 100% the collectibles. I can do the left but not the right ?
  • Shadow XBLShadow XBL296,316
    Posted on 02 September 13 at 05:45
    make sure they're all flipped up first, then hit the first one.
  • Posted on 21 December 13 at 18:32
    for the courtyards do you have to discover before you set off the swamp bombs or can you still get 100% after
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