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How I got the Double Fab and Triple Fab Achievements

  • ProngProng124,794
    Posted on 20 September 09 at 03:27, Edited on 04 April 10 at 16:37 by Prong
    That's right! I got the all Double and Triple Fab Achievements by myself. I used Audacity (a free audio recording program).

    I recorded myself FCing the lead (blue) vocals and set it to play from the left speaker. I then FCed the first harmony (orange) vocal part and set it to play from the right speaker. I then synchronized the two parts, put microphones to the speakers and played it back in sync with the game. As my recordings played back, I used a third mic to sing the second harmony (brown) part "live."

    I did NOT keep the recordings so I will NOT be posting them for others to use.
    Posted on 01 October 09 at 18:35
    Wow, man. Thanks. I'm gonna try this.
  • mrbellekmrbellek473,537
    Posted on 30 October 09 at 09:18
    Can you do this with 2 mics? Like when you have a recording of 2 harmonies on one mic and sing on the other one? Or does it really need 3 mics? :(
    Posted on 31 October 09 at 21:16
    I put some consideration into this, and I decided that there's no way I'm gonna be able to do this. I don't have enough mics, and I don't have control over my speakers. I'm not gonna spend a bunch more money to get this... :(
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  • Posted on 03 November 09 at 21:48
    Sounds like it'd take way too much effort but hey I'll give it a go.
  • KameraKamera752,510
    Posted on 18 January 18 at 17:10
    Does anyone here still have the double fab and triple fab files on their computer? Obviously Megaupload is long gone, and I haven't seen links to alternate sites.
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  • KorewahondesKorewahondes589,355
  • KameraKamera752,510
    Posted on 19 January 18 at 20:46, Edited on 19 January 18 at 20:47 by Kamera
    Awesome the link still works! You have to download the full zip files for double and triple fab.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

  • KorewahondesKorewahondes589,355
    Posted on 10 April 19 at 14:24
    Nice to hear! toast
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