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Weapons and accessories does my way work???

Posted on 18 June 12 at 18:32
After a bit of advise as the treasure hunter???

Ive just got the growth egg and started on the farming of admantoise for CP and ingots

Im not high enough it seems to take on the last hunts got to around 40 done so wanted to work on this

My take on it is that the trapezohdrons (trapz) are the hard ones to get and very expensive but if you downgrade genji gloves you get one. There are three in the game, then if you up grade any of vinille's weapons to * then dismantle you get another three, leaving 5 left for the ultimate weapons for everyone else

This would mean that if I get a trapz its a bonus and with farming CP and ingots the admantoise seems a lot easier than the long gui. Not got this far yet but Im doing pretty good at the toise killing

The plan is after the farming and I have maxed out the roles to go back and try and 5* the hunts I had not do so far and take the last bosses on, then I should not need the genji gloves so dismantle and finish of the treasure hunter.

The thing Im not sure about is the last few hunts, do I need an ultimate weapon for everyone to take them down and 5* ????

Oh and dark matter any ideas how to get this I dont fancy grinding out for 800k to buy it from the shops is there any drops for this????
Posted on 18 June 12 at 20:59
You don't need the ultimate weapons to get 5* for all the hunts. I managed them all without a single one with little difficulty.

As for your Dark Matters, Shaolong Gui's are by far the most efficient means.

Anything similar to the above setup works well against them.
Posted on 19 June 12 at 11:31
Nice one the farming seems the same method as the little toise running around, or it the same as I use to take them down

Going to stick for a bit with the adamntoise killing for a bit though as Im getting a plat inot each time and a time limit of 24 mins so easy achieve 5* with the death casting, soon as I have maxed the roles change to Shaolungs farming, do you know if they can be dropped with Vinille Eadon and then death spammed and do they drop plat ingots as well??? As it might be worth changing earlier

Finally with the hunts did you max your teams out I have only done the primary 3 roles so far and not much else but might try death spaming for some of the tricky ones???
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