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Epsilon Theta
Epsilon Theta
Posted on 25 September 13 at 11:18
That would be much appreciated.
Posted on 30 September 13 at 21:42
Sorry, I forgot about this last week.

I just picked up the game, started a new "Witch Hunt" game and built a new character (human warrior, default options, auto-level rather than muck around with the build). I set the difficulty to Casual, skipped dialog and cutscenes, and used a guide to find the pieces needed for the achievement. My time from the "New Game" selection to the achievement unlocking was 32 minutes.

Assuming you are just going for this achievement, and play on "Casual" while skipping dialog and cutscenes, I think that's a reasonable estimate of the time required. There aren't a lot of battles, and none of them are remotely challenging for a L20 character, which is what you start at in this DLC. I actually wandered around for a bit, having missed one of the pieces, but the dungeon area isn't big enough to really have to search for any length of time.

Given the rules on the flag, I'd recommend removing "Missable" from this achivement ("A Time of Wood and Stone") along with the other three I mentioned ("Vendetta," "Ogre's Keeper," and "Enthralling").
Epsilon Theta
Epsilon Theta
Posted on 23 October 13 at 07:03
We apologise for only seeing this now. We have removed the flags. Thank you!
Information Posted on 18 May 15 at 11:20
Gotham Command has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Dragon Age: Origins:

Gotham Command said:
Dragon Age: OriginsBullyThe Bully achievement in Dragon Age: Origins worth 15 pointsSucceeded at five difficult Intimidate attempts

Achievement can be bugged if you are doing doing title updates with a last played span over 5 years. I was able to unlock the 10 intimidate achievement. No support for the game but EA/Bioware users in the support forum said it's due to the legacy game not meshing with the title updates if the user is running a beta dashboard. It was suggested that I delete my profile and redownload and the achievement should be in the list as it popped by does not register correctly. Also it was suggested to delete all legacy saves and start fresh under the new TU to avoid any other conflicts. I can confirm this worked for me as the Bully achievement did pop but in an offline state.

Dragon Age: OriginsMenacingThe Menacing achievement in Dragon Age: Origins worth 37 pointsSucceeded at 10 difficult Intimidate attempts

May pop out of order/prevent the Bully achievement from unlocking with the newest title update if user is playing on a legacy save over 5 years old and running a beta dashboard.

Posted on 07 September 15 at 14:00
Thank you for the submission Gotham Command! Since this is such a special case, and we haven't had any reports of people having the same problem, we haven't added the flag. Thanks again for the submission toast
Information Posted on 08 September 15 at 08:34
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Dancing Rob
Dancing Rob
Posted on 09 March 16 at 10:05
'Ultimate Sacrifice' should have a buggy flag.

Popped it yesterday without meeting the requirements by hitting 'resume game' after the end credits, and from the solution comments, I'm not the only one to do this
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