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CSI Fatal Conspiracy - Achievement not unlocking?

  • KOTOR LegendKOTOR Legend1,555,114
    Posted on 19 June 12 at 11:09, Edited on 09 August 12 at 14:55 by jphil03
    I have gone through the entire game and am still missing the achievement for Completing Case 4.

    I have deleted my cache, reloaded the case and played from scratch, but nothing seems to trigger the achievement - even though the list of "awards" at the end of the case says I should have it.

    I know this game has issues with achievements not unlocking if you unlock too many "awards" at once as the game seems to get confused, however I have read that this is recitfied by reloading your savegame and playing the end of the case again. I have done this 6 times with no joy.

    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  • LGS I HitmanLGS I Hitman1,293,919
    Posted on 19 June 12 at 15:45
    I remember someone else having the same problem as you
  • CRAWFORD696CRAWFORD696330,979
    Posted on 19 June 12 at 17:59
    You might have to fully delete the game save from your harddrive and play through the game again.
  • KOTOR LegendKOTOR Legend1,555,114
    Posted on 19 June 12 at 23:18
    Thanks for the replies. I thnk you're right CRAWFORD696 in that I would have to delete and replay. The completionist in me says to do it, but I dont feel that boredom is worth 30GS.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 27 May 13 at 01:30
    it didn't glitch on me
  • WanzerfanWanzerfan35,524
    Posted on 30 June 13 at 14:47
    Neither for me, but then again I got the lions share of the Achievements by completing Case 1 at 100% in all stats. You might have to only delete and replay Case 4, since each case is recognized as an individual game with its own set of save files
  • WanzerfanWanzerfan35,524
    Posted on 03 July 13 at 00:16
    Not a double post.

    I just checked my HDD and found out I was mistaken. The game saves all of its data in a single file, not individual ones like the game leads you to believe.

    Man that was confusing. redface
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