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    Posted on 23 January 12 at 10:53
    Please use this thread to discuss the Jurassic Park: The Game walkthrough
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  • Paully05Paully05307,877
    Posted on 07 March 12 at 19:59
    Great guide, helped me 1000 this game in 2 days. Awesome Work. Thanks.
  • Posted on 10 April 12 at 08:18
    This is definatly one of the best walkthroughs in the site, thanks for this
  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril776,884
    Posted on 24 June 13 at 19:30
    first let me say that this is a great walkthrough, and i appreciate the effort taken to avoid spoilers. there is however one small detail omitted that can cause one achievement not to trigger when it is supposed to. during episode 4 when you are talking to Nima, if you wait too long while the dialogue options are on the screen. (as many people seem to have done. of course because it comes up while she is still talking and most people would want to hear what she says rather than cut her off.) if you wait the dialogue choices disappear, however they do come back a few seconds later. you can still make ALL the same choices and it seems as though you still have the same conversation, but the achievement does not work after that scene. you might want to add to the walkthrough that you need to press the dialogue choice as soon as it appears and that it will not interrupt Nima's speech.
  • raidenhardcoreraidenhardcore1,089,566
    Posted on 28 January 14 at 15:14
    how do you pick up the badge in the beginning? I got the achievement she looks at it and theres no indication to pick it up changed the light tens of times and its fully lit, reloaded three times very frustrating
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 27 June 14 at 14:18
    Press A
  • PinskiPinski803,809
    Posted on 14 July 15 at 17:27
    This is a really great walkthrough. I really appreciated the lack of spoilers. The only thing I could suggest is making it clearer that you have to play Episode 1 without dying. I totally missed that and had to replay the Episode. It added about 1-2 hours of playing to an easy completion. Maybe duplicate the achievement under the description at the top of the Episode 1 page and have it again where it pops. Maybe put it in bold or mention it in the Overview page.

    Thanks again.
  • Apostle92627Apostle92627489,100
    Posted on 17 September 17 at 13:38
    This new and IMPROVED walkthrough has been reposted.
  • angelskangelsk1,004,383
    Posted on 08 January 18 at 12:02, Edited on 08 January 18 at 13:01 by angelsk
    Episode 1:

    In the prologue - when you're falling off the cliff - you've got an RB at the end before you say get the gold; but it's LB!

    Optional achievement for Nedry's badge - it's D pad UP to go to the Jeep

    It's RS for the Glove Box, not LS. When you're getting the access codes.
  • angelskangelsk1,004,383
    Posted on 08 January 18 at 14:42, Edited on 08 January 18 at 18:44 by angelsk
    NOTE: There are a few typos, and missing button highlights throughout the walkthrough.

    Episode 2:

    When using the security cameras - you want B to select the correct camera.

    It's LB not RB on the cars with the crane. Also, you want to hit D pad Down to switch to Dad on the crane. Then D pad up for Jess. Remove the scaffolding, and THEN press Y on Nima just before you do the ordering of the cars.

    Also the car instructions are wrong.
    - Start by pressing Y on Nima for the first time.
    - RS left to push the 3 car in front of the 2 car
    - Y then RS left for the maintenance car (x 2)
    - Y and RS right twice to get 3 and 2 up to 1 (not in order yet)
    - Y then RS right to get a maintenance car on the end
    - Y twice and then RS left, so there's two spots with one maintenance car
    - RS left to put the 2 car back
    - Y then RS left to put the 3 car back
    - Y twice and RS right to get 2 behind 1
    - Y and RS right to get 3 behind 2
    And done.

    When talking to Sorkin, the only way I could get through was to mention "Dinosaur Preserve" after the History conversation.

    Episode 3:

    In "they open doors", it's RS up, X and RS right not left.

    At the end. RS down to get started then it's B twice, and then A, then B - not A twice.
    Then you're missing a RS left after the RS right before the rotate.
    Should be counter clockwise from right to left.

    Trying to close the door should be clockwise from left to right.
  • angelskangelsk1,004,383
    Posted on 08 January 18 at 19:44, Edited on 08 January 18 at 22:36 by angelsk
    Episode 4:

    Ethics #1 - look right for X and B; left for A.

    For Mosey On Out Of There - the end bit, it didn't seem to be a mash A. It was press X when it appears and then immediately A because it had slowly appeared.

    For the Ending choice achievements: X to save Jess, B to save the can. It's all backwards in the WT (achievement and text)

    NOTE: I don't think you need to get Gold on any sequence that you don't need a "Perfect" achievement on. I didn't on the last two sequences on Chapter 1.
  • Posted on 12 November 18 at 23:43
    It seemed like there was a couple times I had to find something and I know in the tunnels it was a right and then left, but per the guide felt like it was either right right (which is a dead end) or it just stated right stick but not which direction.

    I also noted in the final chapter it stated they went for the barbisol can first, but stated it unlocked the saving jess achievement and then went back to save jess and unlocked the barbisol achievement.

    I do think that this guide was great as it definitely helped me in a way that this game could have been very annoying.

    Thanks again
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,781,929
    Posted on 10 January 19 at 16:07
    Then, button mash cn_A hit cn_LB, mash cn_X, hit cn_RB, mash cn_Y, and finally hit cn_RB: final one should be LB, this is right t the start
  • FalensaranoFalensarano1,056,225
    Posted on 07 February 19 at 22:24
    Just finished the game thanks to th walkthrough. Just two things:

    1. Not really important but the multiple choice bit at the end, the achievements are the wrong way around.

    2. When getting the three flares, if you fail to pick up the flare as Nima using B, there is a checkpoint right after which means you have to restart the entire episode to get the achievement for using the three flares. A warning ahead of this section like in the previous section on the Bone Coaster would be helpful.

    Great Walkthrough though.
  • SpeleoFoolSpeleoFool1,612,245
    Posted on 04 July 19 at 19:07
    General Hints and Tips page should be updated to clarify that Gold medals are not required for every scenario. Still working through Episode 1 and have already hit a couple points where (apparently needlessly) chasing Golds is ruining the experience: one scenario where even reloading immediately stuck me with silver and one where reloading rewound way further than I’d have liked.
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