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Anyone else finding Bayonetta challenging? (no spoilers)

  • Posted on 09 January 10 at 03:38
    I haven't heard anyone talking about the game, so is anyone else finding this game challenging?

    I am. In fact, it's the first game I've found challenging in a very long time. I'd probably have to go back to the first Fear Effect on the PSX to find the last game I actually couldn't just blow through on any difficulty level.

    I dunno, maybe it's just me. I've not played a fast-paced game like Bayonetta since the original DMC so that could be it. I'm also continually striving to get the best score possible on my first playthrough so that may be part of it as well. It could be the way that there are so many different enemies introduced so quickly that I'm not quite getting a handle on them (which is great IMO as it keeps the game fresh). Or, maybe I just suck lol.

    I'm playing normal to start and it looks like there may be a couple more difficultly levels to open which I can't wait for. I've not bought any techniques or accessories and I'm on Chapter 6 right now (saving for the Moon-something accessory so I can get that 200k Halo accessory out of the way).

    Anyway, just wondering what everyone else thinks or if I'm alone. I really love the game and I foresee me spending many hours trying to perfect it. I may skip Darksiders and Dark Void and just play this one until ME2 comes out.
  • Posted on 10 January 10 at 22:01, Edited on 10 January 10 at 22:01 by Techercizer
    Like AC:4A, this game is one of the few for the 360 that not only accept, but in some cases demand pure perfection. If you're just looking to get through it, then constantly dying and trying again is a way to bludgeon your way through regardless of skill. Crafting and using items makes survival easier, as some of them (temporary invincibility) are pretty OP.

    As for getting platinum, it's absolutely insane. Then again, Bayonetta's that kind of game.
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  • AndyLSimmonsAndyLSimmons144,074
    Posted on 11 January 10 at 01:05
    I finished my normal difficulty (and first) play through yesterday and I found that pretty challenging...

    Today I had an attempt at hard difficulty and I couldn't do the prologue. I'll keep trying to do it but it is incredibly hard.

    The game is amazing though.
  • Posted on 11 January 10 at 05:24
    At least I'm not the only one. I haven't tried Hard mode yet but I really want to. I'm going to finish up my last 3 achievements in Mass Effect and then go back to Bayonetta. I absolutely love the Moon-something accessory as it fits my aggressive play still very nicely rather than RTing Witch Time constantly. This game is a lot more than I expected as I expected to just walk through the game easily.
  • Taco BobTaco Bob840,285
    Posted on 11 January 10 at 15:48, Edited on 11 January 10 at 15:50 by Taco Bob
    This thread excites me in ways I'd rather not specify. I've been waiting for a hardcore challenge ever since Devil May Cry 4. I hate the fact that modern games are generally easier, just so people can pick up and play it. I'm glad to hear that you guys are having a tough time with it smile. Can't wait to get this game!
  • Posted on 11 January 10 at 22:31
    It's great. I wouldn't recommend buying it to anyone that is just going to blow through the game once though. At least not until it's cheap. If someone is willing to put forth the effort to achieve the best scores possible, then there is a lot of game here. There are apparently two more difficulty levels after Normal (Hard and something else). I was going to start my Hard run tonight but I went and bought Darksiders for some reason. I was going to hold off on this one until after BioShock2. I have so much to do before ME2 and I'm buying new games...

    FYI, when I was at Gamestop I noticed Bayonetta was getting $25 on a trade-in. I don't trade my games, but it may be something you wanna look into. They also have an additional 25% if you trade a game towards select other games (not some ass title either, they're are some good games like FFXIII getting this 25% bonus). So Bayonetta could cost you like $35 if you trade it in on one of those select games after you're done. of course you'll have to keep this cycle going to truly benefit from it if you're not one to buy brand new games.
  • Taco BobTaco Bob840,285
    Posted on 11 January 10 at 23:11
    Meh, I rarely buy games. I usually never go back to game once I complete it, so GameFly works really well for me. I'm hoping to get the game through Goozex. I'm currently 41st in line, so hopefully I'll get a match within the next couple of weeks.
  • AndyLSimmonsAndyLSimmons144,074
  • Posted on 12 January 10 at 11:11
    Wow, there seem to be a lot of secrets in the game. I should have found the 10k Halo one because I did just what it says to do to see what would happen. So I dunno what happened there. I'm sure I did it wrong.

    On another note, I'm playing Darksiders right now and I am finding Apocalyptic Mode extremely easy compared to Normal in Bayonetta. The game is slow-paced compared to Bayonetta and I wish I'd have played Darksiders first because I'm having a hard time getting into Darksiders. The story is awesome, but Bayonetta is a much better game IMO. Wishing I'd have just rented Darksiders or waited a few months to buy it. Darksiders reminds me of a cross between Zelda and Soul Reaver, but mostly Zelda.
  • seema419seema419197,701
    Posted on 12 January 10 at 13:45
    i expected that from darksiders, though. and soul reaver was amazing; i wish that franchise was still around.
    anyway i was playing through one of the first chapters on normal, the part where you're on the huge jet(?) and you need to perform three special attacks in a certain amount of time... i had try about five times before i even beat that part. i have a feeling this game is going to be tough as hell for me.
    i also really like the concept of witch-time, i think it's called. where after you successfully dodge an attack, your opponent slows down. i don't recall DMC having that, but i'm admittedly not a huge DMC fan...
    this game is awesome, though, it's hilarious how sexual everything is... everything. even your first aid! :)
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  • Posted on 12 January 10 at 14:41
    Hurray for things being sexual! ;)

    I bought Darksiders and Bayonetta last week, still waiting for both to arrive, but looking at this thread, I'll start with Darksiders.
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  • Posted on 12 January 10 at 20:49
    I'd definitely recommend playing DS first. I don't want to make DS sound bad or anything because it's not - it's a good game - but Bayonetta is just so much better IMO. I think if I played DS first that I'd have more respect for the game and enjoy it more.

    seema, I'd recommend saving your Halos until you get 200k and buy the Moon-something accessory (I forget the last part of the name). Don't buy anything else. That's the only accessory I used the entire game. You think the game is fun with witch time, wait until you use this to deflect and counter enemy attacks. If coolness and fun could only be rated to 10, playing with this accessory would take those factors to a 15. It doesn't make the game easier either as it requires more precision than using witch time. If you counter, you get witch time anyway. Lots o' fun.
  • Posted on 17 January 10 at 03:04
    If you guys like the rabid standards that this game supports and are looking for something similar, may I recommend Armored Core: 4 Answer? It's a mech fighter, so their storylines are nothing alike, but it, like Bayonetta, is full of fast-paced gameplay and has a ranking system that allows poor performance but rewards absolute perfection.
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  • Posted on 17 January 10 at 03:38
    I'll have to check it out, Techercizer. Bayo was my first fast-paced game since the original DMC (or Zone of the Enders), whichever came out last) and I had an absolute blast playing Bayo. It's a shame I won't get to play it again until after I play BioShock2 or maybe even FFXIII due to all these great games coming out in the first 3 months of 2010. I REALLY wanna get back into Bayo now, but I must finish Darksiders first or I'll never get back to it.

    Thanks for the info on AC4. is there a continuing storyline with AC4? If so I'll have to go back and play the other 3 games before I play AC4. I'm weird like that hehe.
  • Taco BobTaco Bob840,285
    Posted on 17 January 10 at 04:11
    There is no continued story throughout the AC, however I don't know if Armored Core For Answer picks up after Armored Core 4 (two different games). Take note though, if you are worried about your completion then I wouldn't touch For Answer, as it will destroy your percentage. Almost half of the achievements are online and brutal ones at that. Just take a quick look at the game page and will see what I mean.

    Armored Core For Answer
  • Posted on 17 January 10 at 04:38
    Ahh ok. I didn't know they were the different games. I like having a decent completion percentage, but that's not going to hold me back from playing games I might enjoy. I have a couple right now that aren't exactly good for my completion percentage anyway hehe.

    Thanks for the info.
  • Posted on 19 January 10 at 18:19
    For the person who is stuck on prolog on hard or anyone in that situation:
    I assume you got stuck on the plane bit, the rest should have been ok.
    It is very difficult and actually probably one of the most difficult stages in the game due to the fact that you dont have witch time.(Because your already in witch time). Just like on easy you need to fill your magic bar and execute 3 torture attacks. The best way to do this is to equip evil harvest rosary and dodge the attacks as if to activate witch time. However usually you have to hit the enemies first before they will attack you. I equiped fire durga to hands and held y once, if this made contact with the enemy it would either prompt them to attack in which case you dodge just before the fireball forms. Else if they still dont attack, continue the attack to form the fireball. only try to hold y once at a time and never try combos because these guys can interupt you. I found about 3 -4 dodges or sucessfull attacks filled magic for a torture attack.

    Hard mode is really ok from there on in, you get used to it.

    feel free to Email me for help
  • Posted on 24 January 10 at 06:42, Edited on 24 January 10 at 06:43 by Shinerbock88
    AndyLSimmons said:
    Thought you guys may appreciate this article Tweeted to me by OXMUK:
    I just noticed the Platinum Games blog in the link you posted. I encourage any Bayo fan to check this out as it's very interesting. I just sifted through it quickly and read the first couple entries but I'll definitely be head back that way to read the rest.

    EDIT: here's the link I forgot to post hehe:
  • Posted on 01 February 10 at 01:14
    I usually only play games on harder difficulties but this is so hard even on normal i still always get stone awards.
  • Posted on 01 February 10 at 01:35
    Im pretty sure Bayonetta is going to put up much more of a challenge than devil may cry 4, since, the only thing hard for me in dmc4 was S ranking a few dante must die missions.

    But, since I have been tweaked by Ninja Gaiden 2 master ninja mode..I can't see it being more difficult than that. Challenging yes though "Since the hardest mode has no witch time.."
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