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Battlefield: Bad Company 1 Patch

dropK1CK ninJA
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:06

Quick background,

DICE believed they fixed an issue with getting the "I am Bad Company" achievement in Bad Company 1. The issue was related to a patch not unlocking in the game regardless if you had the criteria fulfilled or not. DICE thought they had the issue fixed years ago with a patch update, but for many users there was still an issue with it.

DICE's Joe Grant stated over at their official forums:
We are releasing a new server update on the 24th August. We have a few last checks to make but hopefully ["I am Bad Company"] will be fixed once and for all.
With the lion's share of users having shifted over to the amazing Bad Company 2, now would be a good time to pick that old copy of Bad Company 1 out of your closet and finish it off with some good 'ol fashioned boosting. You should also schedule times that work best for me to boost during.

External link:
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:12
A EA game getting fixed? Is it Aprils fools day?
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:13
uhhhhhh, a bit late.
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:15
Better late than never.
NORVY: "I Make My Own Shanks At Home"
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:22
Now fix 40th Day... please?
DragonYen -
AC1DGro0ve 3o3
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:24
Now fix Medal of Honor: Airborne
Pirate Pivo
Pirate Pivo
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:27
hope it works
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:42
I'm surprised the servers are still up.
Chelsea Ink
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Chelsea Ink
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:50
cough cough nearly choked on my food. Such lazy wankers actually doing something good i am amazed.
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Crimzon Nutcase
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:55
The game still has a big following. I found quite a few full matches a few weeks ago when I bought another copy of BC1. Takes a lot of getting used to, going back to the older game... lol.
Posted on 17 August 10 at 15:58, Edited on 17 August 10 at 15:59 by Curtieson
EA seems to do well by Bad Company at least...I wonder if that is some of DICE's doing?

Anyway...I am hook line and sinker into the BC franchise now! I just bought BC1 last week so this is great timing!!! Looking forward to BC3 also, if that is Christmas 2011 release...It will be a day 1 purchase for me.

OH!!!!! There is a mistake in BC2 that needs attention ASAP! The "Your Team LOST" and "Your Team Won" Banner...they are backwards! IT IS ANNOYING!!!

(you win and get the "your team lost" screen yet you receive the "win a game of rush" pin....)
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:00
This will have been down to DICE, EA would "never be bothered" to do a patch.
Dat Boi Treezy
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:16
Im tempted to quote everyones post above me!

@Curtieson: ive noticed the backwards win lose thing as well, really had me upset and confused at first laugh

@BanterClaus: I agree

@oX S y k e s Xo: I almost choked on my cup of tea laugh

Should i pick this game back up? If ive deleted all my save data for BC1 it wont matter will it? For the multiplayer awards and stats i mean?
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Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:17
I'm surprised the servers are still up.
You can still play COD 3 online, so its not that surprising to see this still up.
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:23
I'm surprised the servers are still up.
you can still join a lot of games within seconds if you want. there are still a lot of people (including me and some friends) who still play this game
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:32
Maybe I should try and get this achievement now.
UIS Aquaguyy
UIS Aquaguyy
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:36, Edited on 17 August 10 at 16:38 by UIS Aquaguyy
DICE can't release a patch without EA approval right? Besides doesn't EA own DICE anyway?

It's always good when they fix broken games but what about the other game breaking glitches in that game? I bet I can still join up ranked match and rack up 100 kills with out dieing by using some of the many glitches. I also find this funny on other levels. Back when I was playing this game religiously I (along with many others) was on the BC forums just about daily to remind them of the issues their game had. One of those issues was the fact that their awards weren't unlocking. After 3-4 months of us telling them, they released a statement saying that there is nothing wrong with the game and that the community needed to figure it out. Then they proceeded to give a very patronizing step by step guide on how to unlock the award. Another 4-5 months went by and then they finally admitted that it was in fact broken and fixed it. So now since they are leaving game breaking glitches and fixing achievements are they saying that achievements are more important than gameplay experience?

Sorry but to me this is like watching your kid flunk out of school. This franchise is a little close to my heart as it is the sole purpose for me making to the switch back to consoles.

@Dat Boi, you should be fine if you deleted the your game save as everything for MP stats is stored on EA servers (not that it sounds too comforting).
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:42, Edited on 17 August 10 at 16:43 by JODAW
Now fix contractor difficulty cheevo on 40th day please
Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:43
I hope to see an increase in boost sessions then dance
Beans I'll do legit, but damn some of these awards...
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Posted on 17 August 10 at 16:51
Yeah treezy you should pic it up man, we can boost that achievement if you want and it dont matter if you've deleted your save becouse your multi-player shizzle will still be saved.

Oh yeah and SWEET! :D
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