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Weapon Card Master achievement info help please.

Posted on 23 May 12 at 22:04
So i've knocked out all of the fluff achievements and now I'm down to the big boy achievements, namely weapon card master and adam kadmon. What I am requesting here is if anyone knows of any online resources to help locate the exact locations of the cards within the level/loop required. I have already been using the site's list that NeoStrayCat posted within the guide page here, only problem is that list does not tell the exact location of the ship(s) that need to be destroyed in order to acquire said weapon card. Just trying to alieviate some of the headache that goes along w/ this monster of an achievement. Also, if anyone would be down for some coop blasting with this, just message me :)
Posted on 30 June 13 at 08:42
I've been cross-referencing the spreadsheet in the solution with this list:

It's not in the best English and some things are named differently (Hawk Wind = Eagle Wind) but it's a bit more specific about enemies you need to kill. The less obvious ones for me were Aqua Laser 2 and 3 (destroy the blocker ship at the boss in Stage 4...used a full run with Diol Twee and Grav Laser for this) and Ion Ring Lvl. 2 (one of the small turrets on the moving platforms just before the wall boss in Stage 7. I'm going to try Gesshi and use her charge shot around that area to see if I can get it but survival in that section is a pain).
Posted on 25 October 13 at 17:17
Just getting this game and trying to feel out this specific achievement - is this a doable but time consuming one or is it something that could be unobtainable unless very skilled. The top level, high point, and this one are the only ones I am unsure of.
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