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Madden 13 Cover Vote Kicks Off Today

  • Srl KlrSrl Klr402,454
    Posted on 10 March 12 at 17:28Permalink
    Write in vote Peyton Manning probably in a Jets uniform
    Bellas better be in WWE 12 DLC
  • CDonnsCDonns146,560
    Posted on 11 March 12 at 02:41Permalink
    Srl Klr said:
    Write in vote Peyton Manning probably in a Jets uniform
    Jets signed Mark Sanchez for three years so I would say the Cardinals.
  • Posted on 11 March 12 at 12:38Permalink
    Nice !!!
  • prokopprokop220,446
    Posted on 11 March 12 at 20:28Permalink
    iheartslampigs said:
    Prokop said:
    gamer=Zacry072" rel="nofollow">iheartslampigs
    Hahahahahahahahaha @ Oakland.
    What for exactly? Janikowski practically set an NFL record and is excellent. There are much more laughable people on this list, trust me. I don't care if he was busted this year, McFadden was a monster and deserved a spot on that list.
    i think he meant because its a kicker and a punter up for vote. ( i think its a punter at least ).
    I'm sure, but you've gotta give them some credit. I would find the Browns more laughable than Oakland. But that's of course just my opinion.
    I love McFadden, the rest of the raiders suck. Ive loved McFadden since i first saw him play a few years ago, would love for him to be on a cover in the future. As for a kicker or punter on the cover, no thanks unless its one of them vs tim tebow in the finals.

    I agree with the browns being more laughable since i am a huge steelers fan. browns suck ;)
C.C. Prokop
  • BeachemBeachem275,325
    Posted on 12 March 12 at 08:46Permalink
    I think it would be sweet to see Clay Matthews on the cover with his ridiculously long hair laugh
    Jump right out of a creek!
  • Posted on 19 March 12 at 02:11Permalink
  • SanadaSanada661,962
    Posted on 28 March 12 at 15:20Permalink
    blkalleykat said:
    You don't say?

    Anyway, to all of the Tebow winning rage you'll be glad to know he's already out of the running. Don't think getting dropped from the Broncos and joining the Jets really helped his cause any. laugh
    You seem a little furious...
  • Posted on 30 March 12 at 01:58Permalink
    Ignore him, he always posts on news with one word like that, or sometimes he'll say something relevant

    Anyway. I went through each matchup and I think Ray Rice is gonna win it all. The only upset from the opening round was Willis over Forte.
    How much for the whole kitten kaboodle?
  • Posted on 07 April 12 at 09:00Permalink
    Patrick Willis ftw :)
  • Posted on 14 April 12 at 16:29Permalink
    Cam all the way.
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