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Any Good??

Posted on 11 October 10 at 16:41
Am thinking about getting this game, has anyone given it a shot yet??
Virgil Must Die
Posted on 12 October 10 at 12:20
This game is fantasic. I do love these type of games, but even if i didnt this is insanely great, its the best looking game ive played in a long time, its not too easy but it never feels like its leading you by the hand and i cant even comment on how great the bosses are. A few slight glitches aside, i would recommend getting this game as i dont think their was a better one this year!
Posted on 12 October 10 at 13:22
I'm not convinced. Half way through chapter 8 on Knight difficulty and I'm finding it difficult to work up the enthusiasm to finish. The platforming sections are unremarkably and the controls feel a little off, the majority of the boss fights are samey (another big fella concentrating on melee with an occassional dash/shockwave? really?), and it feels padded.

For me the reviews are well off, I'd give this a 7.5. It would be higher if they dropped the Chupacabra, and didn't prolong boss fights by regenerating their health. Just doesn't compare to God of War 3 for me, and I can't honestly choose between this and Bayonetta.
Posted on 13 October 10 at 22:39
I've only played it a little so far and it's simple amazing, obviously I may not have experienced the glitches that may occur later in the game but it's definately one of my favourite games of the year so far and a few glitches are unlikely to change that if it has any. You'd be stupid to miss out on playing this game.
Optravis Prime
Posted on 17 October 10 at 11:57
My girlfriend suggested that I stop playing this game after she "heard me say more swear words than any other time". I thought the combat was bland, the boss fights were repetitive and drawn out, the puzzles were a complete waste of time, and the platforming was not only boring, but frustratingly bad. There are so many elements of the design that made me want to find the designer and punch him in his stupid face.

Dante's Inferno made me want to cry with how bad it was, especially being a fan of the God of War franchise, but I would take it hands down to this boring title. Get Enslaved. You won't want to put the controller down, as opposed to throwing it out a window.
dr octagon 3000
Posted on 18 October 10 at 00:59
It's worth a look I guess. I'm getting towards the end and things have gotten better. I was not into this game at all at first. But there's nothing you haven't seen here before. They accused Darksiders of blatantly ripping off other franchises but I think this game does it more and it's a lesser game than the likes of Darksiders, GoW3, Bayonetta, and even Dante's Inferno.
Lil Miss Cherry
Posted on 07 November 10 at 15:37, Edited on 07 November 10 at 15:38 by Lil Miss Cherry
I personally am really enjoying this game the only thing that is annoying the hell out of me is the camera. I hate not being able to move it.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 08 November 10 at 01:44
The game gets better when you have all the upgrades and done the trials and playing on Paladin, you know what secondary weapons work on each enemy, you can dodge every attack and you truly feel like a hero.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 15 November 10 at 23:40
What bugs me the most about this game is, that you can't finish the trials while actually playing the game. You always have to go back to a level and play it over again. Why do developers do such crap?!
Posted on 16 November 10 at 04:19
Yep. It's pretty good.

Trials are actually pretty cool, makes some of the levels feel totally different, but I see what you mean Waldkoenig, like... why not just, if you accidently passed a trial without trying, not make you go back and do it...

But I think they wanted to make the trials an unlockable thing so that you don't focus on the trial the first play through the stage, and instead just focus on the stage...

Which in turn, only benefits yourself because knowing the whole of the stage helps know, like, hey...yeah...
Posted on 05 December 10 at 01:35, Edited on 06 December 10 at 21:56 by Silverhellspawn
Epic game. Great production values: great graphics and cinematics, stunning level design (although it's very lineair and you're boxed in all the time), awesome audio design (voice acting as well as score), great combat (nice variety of enemies, original twist towards combos + magic + itemusage, loads of bosses), extensive game duration combined with replayability (going through the trials right now as well as hardcore difficulty).

BUT I guess this game is a required taste and it sure has to grow on you. You really need to put in some hours before you can recognize the greatness of this game.

It's a mixture of Zelda, Assassins Creed, Devil May Cry, God of War, Darksiders and a whiff of Metroid and some other games I can't think of right now. Who cares about originality when it's executed in such a magnificant manner.

I feel like dynamite!
Posted on 01 February 11 at 08:38
The first boss reminds of Shadow of the Colossus.
Posted on 13 February 11 at 23:01
Weird, I could have sworn I've gotten trials while I was playing the campaign. Actually, I'm almost certain I did it on 2 of the levels.

Love the game though, easily one of my top 3 from the year. I've been playing through on Knight difficulty and while I die a ridiculous amount I don't mind it like other games. It generally doesn't feel cheap, moreso that I just haven't learned the strategies for a particular enemy. The only time I really felt like breaking my controller in half was the first few times you fight the larger enemies as you have no combos or skills and get rocked.

The story is great, graphics and sound great, overall great game. My only gripes are the fact the game is split over 2 discs (it would be nice if they implemented the ability to install one of the discs to avoid switching back for previous levels.) and that the directional movements don't shift when the camera angle does (until you let go to reset the orientation.)
Posted on 19 March 11 at 23:19
You have to beat a level first before you can do its trials.
Cheesy Skidmark
Posted on 18 June 11 at 19:53
In the middle of this game and have to say its a joy,not to hard but far from easy,not the biggest fan of hack n slash games but this one is an exception,Dantes inferno is a similar feel to it,personaly this is better.
Will definately play Darksiders 2 when it comes out next year and you get to play wars brother death.
mark romvari
Angels Kill Too
Posted on 14 February 16 at 01:20
This is not a hack n slah; devil may cry is a hack n slash

this is honestly this worst "hack n slash" if you can call it that I've ever played. Stay away from the dlc at all cost it's not worth it and I hope to god they go back to their old roots or if they're going to do a 3d one again go back to Curse of Darkness.
Everything will be fine in the End... If it's not fine... Then it's not the End...
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