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Capcom Digital Collection Release Date Confirmed

  • DaeryoonDaeryoon534,694
    Posted on 24 January 12 at 12:40
    Rhino Van Dam said:
    Boo, if Capcom release a collection it should be Ghouls and ghosts, super Ghouls and ghosts, The full mega man collection and some other bastard hard games from the past!
    It would be fun trying to complete a game of all MegaMan games and Ghouls and Ghosts. Huge TA ratio!

    But these games aren't bad for the price if you don't have them. I wish these compilation disc allowed to DL to your hard drive and not to fid the disc every time.
  • Steve RedmanSteve Redman1,683,508
    Posted on 24 January 12 at 19:52
    Intresting games in there might be a rental for me if I could find one since I own and beat SF2 HD and Final Fight Double Impact. Will keep my eye out for this one hopefully we will see a better dreamcast collection next or a saturn collection with Die Hard Arcade and X-Men Children of the Atom
  • SanadaSanada738,607
    Posted on 26 January 12 at 05:33
    Tony Starc said:
    what a waste of money... people need to stop buying things just because they're "saving a fortune" when the product isn't worth buying in the first place
    As much as I appreciate your opinion, your idea of value is vastly different from that of another person can't really say how much this is worth to a fan when you clearly aren't one. Just a thought.
    You seem a little furious...
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