Game Discussion: The Beatles: Rock Band

How to start new story mode w/differrent instrument

  • Felix PieFelix Pie527,934
    Posted on 18 February 11 at 06:44
    I played through story mode as a guitarist. i wanted to play as a bass player now but I can't figure out how. It won't let me select a different instrument. There are 3 save files. I use an open one but i still doesn't give me the option to change instruments. Help.
  • Misfit LenzMisfit Lenz131,121
    Posted on 18 February 11 at 09:23
    Don't you pick between guitar or bass when you select a song?
    See these things at the end of my sentences? They're called punctuation marks. Try using them!
  • Felix PieFelix Pie527,934
    Posted on 19 February 11 at 04:46
    Yes but it doesn't count toward the era 1 million as a bass player
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