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Glitched Achievements After DLC Install?

Posted on 16 July 13 at 12:08
I guess you tried starting the game and didn't get a patch? Maybe it was a bluff, an exaggeration, or a lie. I don't think Microsoft could be so slow they take a whole month to certify a mere patch... maybe there is a legitimate reason, but I'm skeptical at this point.
=Semper Fi=
Z YaLtr
Z YaLtr
Posted on 24 July 13 at 04:34
Yep, still no good. I'm skeptical of a actual fix being made available as well.
Posted on 21 October 13 at 13:57
I've been through all 15 levels non-stop, with no quitting from anyone. Still nothing...
Homunculus Fury
Posted on 21 October 13 at 16:59
I got the easy japan level to give the that achievement but I haven't gone though and got gold on each.
Posted on 18 April 14 at 20:15
Is Social Climber still glitched? I know CC2 is closing on 15th October, would that mean the online portion of CC will close too? I would like to get this achievement as it is my last for both games.
Posted on 26 July 15 at 14:28
Nope not patched, just got social climber today, played straight on though all the levels with random people and got it ^-^
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