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    Posted on 30 January 13 at 07:37
    Please use this thread to discuss the Brave: A Warrior's Tale walkthrough
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  • Posted on 18 May 15 at 19:04, Edited on 18 May 15 at 19:04 by BulgyDragonZord
    I've been using your walkthrough to help me complete this game. The majority of it is very good, but I'd like to place in some pointers which'll help you and the walkthrough itself.

    1. Level 4 : Maiden Rock Valley (8 Totems)

    Head down there, land where the platform is and call for the bird to the right of you for a totem (8/8). Now it is time to get the last large totem (4/8). After the cut-scene, you will have to catch the vulture with your totem!

    There's only 4 Giant Totems in this level. You've obviously placed in (4/8) by mistake because of the collectibles Totems (there's 8 of those).

    2. Level 7 : Rapid River Falls (4 Totems)

    If you have bad luck, they will charge their attack which makes them invulnerable to attacks. You will have to fight a lot of them, the time limit is also tight. This is nearly the same as the first one, but harder. Also you will encounter currents which you can escape, but if you hit the middle, you are dead in an instant.

    I believe in this section where the Italic part begins you were talking about the 2nd Canoe part. This slightly confused me at first, but I understood it once I carried on with it in the game.

    3. I think this walkthrough needs to have some of the work separated into paragraphs. Most notably the Story Walkthrough. I had some issues in which I re-read the same line in some of the levels more than once.

    4. This video guide you have provided is excellent. I've been using this as well as your written information in the walkthrough...


    There are other videos within this collection but you have to go onto YouTube itself in order to locate the collectibles. Just as a thought, is it worth placing each video for each level in the walkthrough when you start talking about the level you are playing. For instance...

    Level 1 : Red Tree Glade (7 totems)


    Your written text underneath the video.

    Level 2 : Grey Bears Quarry (7 Totems)


    Your written text underneath the video.

    These are my suggestions and pointers I needed to notify you about. Other than that the walkthrough is very good and I've used it to help me get 1000G on this crap game. Thank you : )
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE554,597
    Posted on 19 May 15 at 10:09
    You can also just ask to edit it so it's on one page wink
    Walkthrough Manager | We work in the dark to serve the light ~ Ezio Auditore da Firenze | www.mcoreviews.com
  • Posted on 19 May 15 at 16:28
    MC0REBE said:You can also just ask to edit it so it's on one page winkWell... I didn't exactly want to get too involved like that, as I may do something to the walkthrough that N18p73pwn3r may dislike or hate. However if he wants me to I can change the mistakes which are placed in the walkthrough which are number 1 & number 2 of what I said in the walkthrough.
    The other 2 are just ideas for the walkthrough.

    Overall, it's up to N18p73pwn3r if he wishes to change it, me to change it or keep it as it is. It's his walkthrough not mine smile
  • vSullyvSully1,128,480
    Posted on 27 June 17 at 05:42
    The struggle is real when trying to follow this walkthrough. It's so vague in some places. I feel like I'm spending more time trying to follow the walkthrough than I would were I playing blind.
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