Game Discussion: Wordament (Win 8)

Read if you can't unlock achievements

  • Dexter XBADexter XBA263,757
    Posted on 28 September 12 at 11:13Permalink
    It seems that the achievement-enabled version of Wordament for Windows 8 is currently region restricted. So when I played the version from German Marketplace I wasn't able to unlock any achievement. If you have the same problem changing your Windows Store Region to USA will help:

    1. Go to your desktop on your Windows 8 device and open Charms Bar (Win + C).
    2. Click on Settings, and then on Control Panel.
    3. In the Control Panel, click on Clock, Language, and Region.
    4. Now Click on 'Add a language', and in the opened Window again click on 'Add a language' to add your language (English, USA) to Windows.
    5. Now go back to Clock, Language, and Region, and click on 'Change location' and select the location (USA) from the drop-menu and then click on OK.

    Once you've changed the region uninstall Wordament and install it again from the US Store (it's free). Then you'll be able to unlock the 200GS.
  • Posted on 27 October 12 at 19:04Permalink
    I waited until the official launch of Windows 8 before playing this game. I have had no trouble with it and have most of the achievements, but no time-stamps :( Any thoughts? I don't want to look like a cheater.
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