Game Discussion: TimeShift


  • ianroper1ianroper1667,664
    Posted on 19 May 10 at 07:22
    is their still people out there that would want to boost this game.
  • SpilnerSpilner804,880
  • Posted on 23 April 12 at 21:14
    I bought this game today. If we can boost it with 2 people it would be great. Not sure how this game works for boosting but send me a message if you're interested.
  • DWRGDWRG321,800
    Posted on 03 July 12 at 19:50
    Does anyone know how to play with a boosting partner? keep getting the white screen and my partner gets in but i do not.
  • Posted on 27 July 13 at 18:12
    can anyone help me get a few MP achievements? add xWarburton519x please toast
  • Posted on 28 July 13 at 18:23
    Im interested :D create a gaming session or add me on XBL: creptor5291
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