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Achievement Boosting

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    Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03
    Please make arrangements for achievement trading in in this thread
  • Posted on 28 November 08 at 15:12
    If anyone wants to boost the MP achievements for this game hit me up.
  • Zale9342Zale934267,209
    Posted on 07 December 08 at 21:14
    FragEmAndSmile, help would be much appreciated. It seems like no one plays ranked matches!
  • Posted on 11 December 08 at 14:19
    Yeah let's meet up some time and get working on em. FR accepted.
  • GremUKGremUK262,628
    Posted on 17 December 08 at 11:57
    I'll boost these also. Hit me up if you want
  • TRF SkylineTRF Skyline641,875
    Posted on 17 December 08 at 14:15
    I would to like to boost this game I need to rid of this game after 1000/1000 GS
  • ZerstucaZerstuca238,901
    Posted on 25 December 08 at 08:54
    Ill boost aswell, send me a message via Xbox Live and we can set up a date.
  • Posted on 27 December 08 at 13:42
    I'm on vacation until Friday so I can play pretty much any time that I'm not boosting in The Outfit. I'm on EST.
  • flyingmario5404flyingmario54041,109,102
    Posted on 01 January 09 at 00:47
    I Want to boost the 2000 Epedmic points. I have about 500 already. These you can do with one person so if youw ant to do it message on xbox live
  • Posted on 09 February 09 at 00:51
    Need help online. Im bored.
  • PilIow PantsPilIow Pants307,448
    Posted on 27 February 09 at 23:27
    i need all mp chievies and i'm willing to help with any as well.
  • SpoontossSpoontoss169,710
    Posted on 01 March 09 at 15:17
    I also need these achievements. My friend and I look for matches every Saturday night. No luck. I can do them anytime as I will be off work for the next three weeks.

    Hit me up with a friend request and a little note about Dark Sector multiplayer achievements if anyone is interested.
  • Zale9342Zale934267,209
    Posted on 10 March 09 at 20:45, Edited on 10 March 09 at 20:45 by Zale9342
    Somebody needs to help me with these! Send me a FR! I don't quit boosting like most people do, so I'll help until we all have the achievements...
  • Posted on 22 March 09 at 21:02
    I'm up for boosting multiplayer hit me up.
  • Zale9342Zale934267,209
    Posted on 16 April 09 at 19:41
    Oh it's the OG! I didn't accept your friend request the other day because I didn't know who you were. I'll send you a message so we can boost. I'll be sending everyone a request and a message. I want to get Dark Sector over with...
  • Zale9342Zale934267,209
    Posted on 16 April 09 at 19:53
    I sent messages to some of you guys. Expect messages from me later on XBL!!!!!!
  • madnizzmadnizz163,519
    Posted on 21 April 09 at 12:16
    i'm in, let me know
  • Posted on 30 April 09 at 14:20
    me too
  • ZerstucaZerstuca238,901
    Posted on 17 June 09 at 05:11
    Hit me up hey, I still want this.
  • Posted on 24 July 09 at 14:15
    I'm interested in boosting
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