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Information Posted on 18 March 13 at 08:50
CloudCircus has just submitted some Game Info for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct:

Genre change from Shooter to Action-Adventure
Sub Genre change from First Person Shooter to Survival Horror

CloudCircus said:

It seems to me that this game should be re-classified as a survival horror game.
It is a FPS (many survival horror games are: think condemned 1&2), but its survival horror aspects seem more important than its FPS ones. Zombies, resource allocation, survival...I mean "survival" is right in the title of the game.

Is this way off?

Thanks for your consideration!
Vorpal Smilodon
Posted on 21 March 13 at 19:02
Thanks for your submission! This game is actually still under initial genre discussion and vote.
Graymouse 1
Graymouse 1
Posted on 29 March 13 at 14:05
Thanks for your submission! We have decided that it is indeed an Action Adventure: Survival Horror game.
There is no worse feeling than that during an argument, you realize you are wrong.
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