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Madden 13 Kicks Off A Pair of Videos

  • Posted on 08 June 12 at 15:45Permalink
    To infinity and beyond!

    Is this finally the year? Is this the Madden that squashes all of the chatter about EA Sports rehashing the same thing every summer? It's still too early to tell, but the recently announced Infinity Engine is a great start. The new physics-based engine will allow each tackle to be as fluid and realistic as possible, relying on momentum, player size, speed, and impact rather than cycling through one of many pre-canned animations. It's a long time coming for fans, but how does it look?

    These two videos -- the first being a dev interview, the second is a full gameplay sequence -- should give us more insight into just how good this new engine is. The gameplay should be of great interest to football fanatics like myself, as we get our first glimpse at the top two draft picks going head-to-head.

    There's been a lot of other coverage for this week, so if you're ready for some football, be sure to check all of that out.
  • Posted on 08 June 12 at 16:54Permalink
    I hope these changes look as good as it seems cause usually they hype up everything and it ends up being about the same as last year
  • SpilnerSpilner772,305
    Posted on 08 June 12 at 17:22Permalink
    Looking good.
    Normality has resumed in the crazed mind of a nutjob
  • Posted on 09 June 12 at 07:23Permalink
    Luck's made a lot of good decisions *same play interception*...
  • Posted on 09 June 12 at 15:55Permalink
    Looks amazing so far
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