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Kinectimals: are all the cubs transferable from wp phone to

  • enanenesenanenes299,033
    Posted on 05 August 12 at 14:36, Edited on 09 August 12 at 08:44 by jphil03Permalink
    I want to uninstall Kinectimals WP from my phone (I have 200/200 and I need the space). But first I want to transfer all my animals to the XBOX console.

    I never played the game before on XBOX, so I started the game on XBOX and started scanning the QR codes from my phone to the console.

    I have 43 animals on the phone. Some were easy to transfer, other not so much. But I didn't manage to transfer 11:

    - Scimitar Cat
    - Sand Cat
    - Saber-Tooth Tiger
    - Caspian Tiger
    - Cave Lion
    - Iriomote Cat
    - Liger
    - Marbled Cat
    - Bali Tiger
    - Flat-Headed Cat
    - Tiglon

    I wanna know if someone was able to transfer these ones (or which ones) from the phone to the XBOX. If it's impossible, I don't want to loose more time... (and I really ned to uninstall the WP game).

    Thanx in advance smile
  • Posted on 09 August 12 at 19:03Permalink
    Didn't even know this was a feature.
  • DJ 0311DJ 0311256,420
    Posted on 14 January 13 at 19:02Permalink
    Were any achievements unlocked when you transfered your animals?
    Achievement Wh0re
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