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Posted on 08 March 16 at 14:06
I am attempting to add a game clip into my blog but posting the URL in only creates a link every time rather than actually showing the video. Is there any way to get the actual video to appear or am I stuck with just the link? I have gotten youtube videos to show up on my blog in the past many times with no problems.
Luc1d Dreaming
Posted on 09 March 16 at 11:39
I remember having this happen Sven. I think maybe I fixed it by editing the URL from https to http?
Posted on 09 March 16 at 13:37
Gave that a try Luc1d but unfortunately it came in as http. I even tried changing it to https as well but no luck :(
Posted on 09 March 16 at 18:56
Whats the blog/game clip url?
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Posted on 09 March 16 at 22:15
My blog is still in edit mode, but the clip url I am attempting to paste is which ends up just being a link. This is taken directly from TA's embedded code on the clip tab.
Posted on 19 July 17 at 08:52
Is the img tag disabled on the forum?

It works in the blog, but in the forum it does not seem to recognize it.

[img= label=true]Name of Picture[/img]
Posted on 19 July 17 at 11:14
And a final one for use in blogs, solutions and reviews,...
Not forums.
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Posted on 28 December 18 at 02:35, Edited on 28 December 18 at 02:38 by lightsup55
It should also be noted that there are controller icons (usable in forum posts, blogs, and solutions/guides). Here is the full list:

A button: cn_A use [cn_A]
B button: cn_B use [cn_B]
X button: cn_X use [cn_X]
Y button: cn_Y use [cn_Y]

Left Bumper (LB): cn_LB use [cn_LB]
Right Bumper (RB): cn_RB use [cn_RB]

Left Trigger (LT): cn_LT use [cn_LT]
Right Trigger (RT): cn_RT use [cn_RT]

Dpad (any direction): cn_dpad use [cn_dpad]
Dpad (up): cn_up use [cn_up]
Dpad (down): cn_down use [cn_down]
Dpad (left): cn_left use [cn_left]
Dpad (right): cn_right use [cn_right]
Dpad (upleft): cn_upleft use [cn_upleft]
Dpad (upright): cn_upright use [cn_upright]
Dpad (downleft): cn_downleft use [cn_downleft]
Dpad (downright): cn_downright use [cn_downright]

Left Stick (any direction): cn_LS use [cn_LS]
Left Stick (up): cn_LSu use [cn_LSu]
Left Stick (down): cn_LSd use [cn_LSd]
Left Stick (left): cn_LSl use [cn_LSl]
Left Stick (right): cn_LSr use [cn_LSr]
Left Stick (upleft): cn_LSul use [cn_LSul]
Left Stick (upright): cn_LSur use [cn_LSur]
Left Stick (downleft): cn_LSdl use [cn_LSdl]
Left Stick (downright): cn_LSdr use [cn_LSdr]
Left Stick ("click"): cn_LSc use [cn_LSc]

Right Stick (any direction): cn_RS use [cn_RS]
Right Stick (up): cn_RSu use [cn_RSu]
Right Stick (down): cn_RSd use [cn_RSd]
Right Stick (left): cn_RSl use [cn_RSl]
Right Stick (right): cn_RSr use [cn_RSr]
Right Stick (upleft): cn_RSul use [cn_RSul]
Right Stick (upright): cn_RSur use [cn_RSur]
Right Stick (downleft): cn_RSdl use [cn_RSdl]
Right Stick (downright): cn_RSdr use [cn_RSdr]
Right Stick ("click"): cn_RSc use [cn_RSc]

Back/View button: cn_back use [cn_back]
Start/Menu button: cn_start use [cn_start]

Xbox Guide button: cn_guide use [cn_guide]

Sorry about all the bold print, but it is the only way to get the code to appear without parsing.
Posted on 08 July 19 at 17:24
Is there a way to change font color using the coding/script I see here?

I read through everyone's posts but didn't see anything addressing that. I looked up html source hex color codes but none of that seemed to work, or I was doing it wrong.
Posted on 08 July 19 at 17:44
Html stuff only worked in the WT editor and i was never sure it even stuck at publishing. Other areas dont allow colour changing
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