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Catherine Round Up

  • PerpaliciousPerpalicious170,927
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:34
    Trailers, screenshots, and more

    Catherine, Atlus Persona Team's first current generation game, is an interesting title, one that certainly has flown under the average gamer's radar. The game has gathered a following, though, and I'll show you why.

    Catherine's story starts with several young men dying in their sleep, all with a horrified look. No one knows if the deaths are murders or not, but one theory is falling to death in your dream will kill you.

    From there, you are put into the shoes of Vincent, a 32-year-old, carefree, independent salaryman. Vincent, despite being labeled with these characteristics, cannot bring himself to marry his lover of five years, Katherine. While sitting in a bar one night contemplating his future with Katherine, Vincent meets his ideal woman named Catherine and he proceeds to sleep with her.

    After Vincent's "encounter" with Catherine, he begins to have nightmares that blend dream and reality. As cliche as it is, Vincent must now fight for his life, but he almost must choose between two women: Katherine and Catherine.

    The story, while not original, is not what Catherine is only about. Instead, one must simply view the trailers released for the game to grasp the quirkiness that is Catherine:

    Coupled with the trailers are an ever-flowing number of gameplay screenshots that further cement Catherine as bizarre:

    Bipedal lamb with a tie? Chainsaw coming out of a baby's eye? Buttocks with eyeballs and a tongue? Disturbing and intriguing all at once. Accompanying the horror is some erotica:

    The disconnected trailers, screenshots, and scarce plot details have caused some confusion amongst gamers (even the Japanese), enough bewilderment that director Katsura Hashino addressed it in his most recent blog.

    According to Hashino, many gamers contacted him with various concerns and questions. Some gamers worried that the game might be too sexual while others had no clue what the game was about (i.e. What is Vincent doing in the gameplay screens?). In response, Hashino announced that the Persona Team created a demo that will address any questions fans have about the game. While there is no definite release date of the demo, it is expected well before the February 17th Japanese launch. There currently is no release date for North America or Europe for Catherine. Accompanying the demo announcement, Hashino said he will detail various other Atlus titles in the near future.
  • PerpaliciousPerpalicious170,927
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:36
    Want to throw out that I know some of these are pretty old but this was inspired by Hashino's recent blog post, so I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed. :D
  • Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:39
    OMG YES! I loved the Persona Games on my PS2! =) Can't wait!
  • El ZombieEl Zombie372,207
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:45
    This seems interesting...... yeah, I'll go with interesting.
  • Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:49
    Will certainly play. Love Atlus and their disturbed sensibilities.
  • Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:51
    so if this game doesnt come the the states (usa), then am i able to import and still play?
  • RaajTMRaajTM283,038
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:54
    Wish it would be available for NA and EU, enjoyed Atlus games in the past with Persona games and it'd be welcomed fresh air to the Xbox with it currently flooded with FPS games of the like.
  • MichaelMCPMichaelMCP28,915
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:58
    Sweet Saint Urbain, I want this game.
  • PerpaliciousPerpalicious170,927
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 02:59
    optimusXprime28 said:
    so if this game doesnt come the the states (usa), then am i able to import and still play?
    Only if it is region free. If not, then you will need a Japanese console and import the game, which would all be in Japanese. This is currently the hottest game for Famitsu readers, so I'm hoping this game has great success and Westerners express to Atlas that we want this game! The unfortunate thing is that this game seems to be quite erotic and gruesome, so there probably isn't any release date (this is my assumption) because they have to deal with Western censorship. Of course, I could be totally wrong.
  • CM TranceCM Trance227,560
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:09
    Holy shit! That's really fucked up.
  • gamesover101gamesover101198,397
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:14
    It's sort off weird how a japenese anime game just came to current consoles.
    Can't touch this
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:18
    Please come to the US. Pretty Please
  • Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:26
    looks impressive ... love the art animation presentation
  • Mad HecticMad Hectic487,133
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:26
    Screenshots look last generation! So i think they need to try again and what's with "Katherine & Catherine". Stupid if you ask me.
  • Drummin003Drummin003152,356
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:26
    Looks like a bad anime put in game form. Let it stay overseas and let those people waste their money on this.
  • MaxForce357MaxForce357132,129
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 03:43
    There's genius behind the strange and disturbing (David Lynch) and then there's just stupid (Catherine).
  • ShinUkyoShinUkyo190,586
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 04:08
    I'm glad to see something from the Persona team coming to 360 (rather than the usual Playstation route.) Assuming this does well in Japan, it could be a great boost for the 360 over there. Not that any hardcore Japanese gamer should be without the console, considering all of the Cave games are 360-exclusive. A Persona style game, even one with loony aesthetics, would have an even broader appeal.

    And wow, some of the responses in this thread give new meaning to "ignorant." Then again, this shouldn't come as a surprise. We can't mention a Japanese game, aside from a few highly-polished and extremely rare examples, without people rolling out the hate train. And no, this isn't just because of how quirky the game is. This happens with every hack'n slash title, too, for example. That always drives me nuts, as that's one of my favorite genres.
  • EscalotesEscalotes75,774
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 04:37
    Game looks sick. Do want.
  • kenshinescakenshinesca391,415
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 04:51
    This game looks like it has a very good art style.
  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,461,113
    Posted on 02 January 11 at 04:53
    Had my eye on this for awhile. If it ends up in the US, I'll snatch it up : |
    A blue slime appears!
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