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NCIS The Video Game Reveal Trailer

  • Posted on 21 September 11 at 14:32
    I used to like the csi games but after la noire i dont think any company will be able to make a good crime game again!
    You want it when?
  • Posted on 21 September 11 at 15:50
    Love this show. Will be getting this day one
  • Posted on 21 September 11 at 17:44
    xPut Name Herex said:
    All I know of NCIS is this scene:
    The stupidity of that scene has caused me to never even consider watching an episode of it.
    That's Awesome!!! They're both using the keyboard at the same it a spoof on crime dramas? wink
  • Posted on 21 September 11 at 21:12
    But will it be as easy of a 1K as the CSI/Lost games?
    Hope so. xD

    Oh, and Grey's Anatomy game now. wink
  • doarosedoarose708,771
    Posted on 21 September 11 at 22:18
    Ultra Seven said:
    Character models could've been a little more detailed. DeNozo looks like an average blank copy of a dude. It's all about the voices. If they got the real actors, then it's potential. Part of why LOST sucked so hard is they used a made up character, and none of the actors' voices were in the game. Jack didn't sound like Jack, Locke wasn't Locke, etc....etc...
    I agree on the character models. Dinozzo looked odd, and the shot of Abby was a bit creepy looking. As for the voices, I hope the cast will reprise their roles for the game. Lost actually DID have a few cast members ( Michael Emerson, Yunjun Kim, Emilie De Ravin, Henry Ian Cusick ).
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 22 September 11 at 02:22
    Whilst I do enjoy the show, I'm not sure I would want to play a game as them. But if the achievements are ridiculously easy like in the CSI games then...
    Russian roullete is always more fun with friends
  • MH The RockstarMH The Rockstar1,261,704
    Posted on 25 September 11 at 17:39
    Yay another CSI game! Oh wait...

    I am going to assume it is another easy 1000G so I'll file this one under the "rental" section.
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