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Missing One Flag in Kingdom

Posted on 12 March 12 at 01:24
I have 99 of the 100 flags in the Kingdom and I cannot remember where the last one is. Anyone have an idea?
Posted on 12 March 12 at 09:41
It would be difficult for another user knowing what flag you missed. All I can recommend is using this site: and check all the places again and tick them off as you go. Surely it takes some time but you will be sure to find it.
Tasty Pastry
Tasty Pastry
Posted on 12 March 12 at 10:57
I did the same thing way back when I played this game. Said screw it after about an hour. Never been back. Good luck!
Use one of the quotes from that thread
Posted on 12 March 12 at 15:14
I had a flag that never appeared and had to restart a new game. Same type of glitch as the one Templar that sometimes doesn't appear, maybe.
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Posted on 13 March 12 at 06:13
Yeah same here missing 2 flags and one Templar in the whole game. Did the whole checklist thing and still missing them, Grrrrrrrrr
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Posted on 13 March 12 at 12:59
I don't have this achievement yet, but I was at my friends house when he collected them. The one he missed first time was Flag 59 on assassinscreed-maps site. There are 2 similar wood platforms, he checked one of them and thought he took the flag before, but the flag was on another...

Hope this will help.
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mast3r 0r0m1s
mast3r 0r0m1s
Posted on 13 March 12 at 14:01
I had to do a run-through probably four times because a flag either disappeared on me/I missed it (I doubt it though since I was following the map guide precisely) but nothing hurts worst than being one away.

Just look through your map and see if theres an area you might have missed one at and go check it out. Either that, or restart it unless you want to run through the whole area again looking for a single flag.
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Posted on 13 March 12 at 19:06
I was missing four for the longest time, but when i finally got some down time i used a video to go back and check them all. Luckily for me its was like twenty-something on the list.
Posted on 20 June 12 at 05:43
Thanks to this forum it gave me hope in that Imight find by just chance, And it worked it took about 45mins of riding around, I finally found it where you come out of the Mysaf area, I found it near the wagons, But I don't remember seeing it there when I came out of that area. So I pretty much did a big circle and boom there it was, So it is out there people!! Only took me 2 years off and on to find it.
Posted on 10 January 13 at 12:06
I started collecting Kingdom flags last night and marking them off the map I printed from the interactive site. Near the bottom left of the map (heading to Acre), there are 8 maps in one cluster (including the 2 in the circular pit). I found 7. The eighth is nowhere to be found. I'm betting it's a glitch. And it sucks ass
Posted on 02 June 13 at 18:05
Tried the get 100% sync, got 99/100 flags in the Kingdom. and 59/60 Templars.
I got mad, and went to play Brotherhood. Then got even more mad with 100% sync challenges.
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Posted on 03 August 13 at 11:23
I did the kingdom area last for flag collecting and not once did i encounter a glitch for any of the flags. You may not be in the right area or you may have overlook it. Alot of people tend to with collectibles in games especially this one since there are alot of flags. try researching the area and follow a video of the flags as well while you activley search. Hope it helps
Posted on 28 January 15 at 00:40
I missed #21 because the dot is on the wrong side and I thought I'd already picked it up.
Posted on 19 April 16 at 07:51
Kingdom is the last section for me to pick up the last 2 cheevos. This is not gaming, but probably like others I am compelled to get them. I'll use a map (as I did with the other areas flags) and mop them up. I have played AC2 but am not going back to play anything before Black Flag, I can't be bothered to do al the flag collecting, and i'll only play Black Flag if I feel like it. I hope that the idea that collecting hundreds of nothings dies out, because I would rather spend 15 hours on a great game rather than 40 hours where 20 of them are spent just collecting stuff.
Posted on 19 April 16 at 11:02
Uncouth Truth: this is a bit late ( 3years) for you but i did those flags yesterday and you probably missed the one behind the Eyrie Tower up the hill above the camp. That is No 8.
Posted on 27 July 16 at 21:34
I'm missing one also. Triple checked using a guide. I guess I could be looking for one in the wrong place and assuming that I've picked it up already.
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