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    Posted on 06 December 12 at 13:42
    Please use this thread to discuss the Beyond Good & Evil HD walkthrough
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  • DaShAgDaShAg249,252
    Posted on 12 December 12 at 12:12
    Looks great, I'll be using it soon
  • TomjehTomjeh1,270,646
    Posted on 13 December 12 at 17:35
    I agree looks like a great walkthrough, hopefully will encourage people to play BG&E. I'm glad because I really have a soft spot for this game :)
  • DaShAgDaShAg249,252
    Posted on 16 December 12 at 14:48
    Great guide so far, here are some things I found wrong though

    ""Pedestrian District

    Now that you have some "special keys" you can explore the rest of the city. Stary by entering the building just in front of the Akuda Bar (see picture of the next three Pearls if you can't find it).""

    Typo, should be start


    ""Slaughterhouse Quarter

    Drive on and drop down in the water when the bridge ends. In the water, pay attention to the patrolling robots (hovering above the water) and try to locate the sea-snake animals in the water to take a picture of them to get Animal # 50/56 (A18 - Anguilla Bifida), worth +600 Units.

    In order to proceed you need to "push" the crates floating in the water towards the robots in the water (those with red lights). To push a crate you can either drive into it with the hovercraft, or you can shoot it to move it forward. Either way is fine, since the crates won't break by doing either way. Pushing a crate towards the robots in the water will blow up the crate and the robots. You can spare the first two robots you find, while the third one will be just on your way and therefore you need to blow it up with a crate. Move on and use another crate on another robot; then continue and dodge some red mines floating on the water to ultimately reach the docking point.""

    The idea is actually to use the torpedo mine thingies that the robot with the searchlight shoots at you if you enter his light. Then guide those torpedo's into the mines to clear a path. You can however use the boxes but since there are 3 boxes and the searchlight robot destroyed one of them I had a hard time getting a box into that last mine. Using the torpedos is much easier and actually the way it works ( I think ).


    From the East Wing section

    ''Avoid the mines on the ground and continue through the next hallways. You'll be attacked by a few Trilobites Saltans (small mantas); these enemies will dodge your attacks by leaping over your head, but if you make a long combo (i.e. button-mash X) they'll get hit eventually. Your goal here is not to defeat all of these monsters, which in fact will continue to respawn forever. On the contrary, you need to hit a fuse box somewhere in the room and then immediately climb up on its right to continue past an electricity barrier (which is temporarily turned off when you hit the fuse box). You need to co-op this operation, since you don't have enough time to climb up after hitting the fuse box. So what you need to do here is to start climbing up as far as you can; then press Y to ask Double H to smash the fuse box, and quickly make your way to the top. The problem is that Double H is not exactly a smart partner, and will often attack the enemies forever instead of hitting the fuse box. To avoid this issue, defeat as many enemies as you can, as quickly as possible, and then attempt the co-op climb. If you're lucky, Double H will finally hit the fuse box and you'll be able to continue. Otherwise you might as well drop on the lower level and help him clearing the enemies as quickly as you can before attempting the climb again.

    After (eventually) succeeding, continue to find a room with three guards. The best thing to do here is to simply sneak behind them on the far left side of the room. Continue through another hallway to finally get out of this area.''

    The enemies do in fact NOT spawn forever. After defeating all of them Double H says something like " Good work Jade". The Co-op will now work perfectly. I found out by accident because I couldn't get him to hit the fuse box.

    Game not yet completed, I'm still working on this post as I may or may not find some things
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 16 December 12 at 15:32, Edited on 16 December 12 at 15:33 by
    Fixed the first, added the note for the third.

    I still think the correct way to get through the robots in the water is with the crates (which don't have any other use and are also used to blow up more robots when there are no "patrolling" enemies with searchlights), but driving the mines in the obstacles sounds like a great backup plan if the crates are too far or simply unavailable; added a note for this too, thanks for the info.
  • DaShAgDaShAg249,252
    Posted on 16 December 12 at 18:02
    I'm afraid you are wrong.

    I ran out of crates and there was no way to get them back, so impossible to move forward. Surely that's not the way they intended it. Doesn't matter that much though but still.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 16 December 12 at 18:08
    Then I guess it's just a coincidence that there is always a crate when there is a robot blocking the path to blow up and that they are the only crates in the game that are immune to the hovercraft bullets but will explode on contact with the enemies :p Nevermid XD
  • DaShAgDaShAg249,252
    Posted on 17 December 12 at 11:34
    Game completed. Great guide starlight !

    Only thing that might needs to be changed just a little is the completion time. I didn't rushed but wasn't playing slow either and ended up at 8 hours.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 December 12 at 12:19
    I'll round it up a bit, thanks.

    Out of curiosity, did you get the thirteenth MDisk? If so, did you have any issues with the "hang game" ?
  • DaShAgDaShAg249,252
    Posted on 17 December 12 at 14:55, Edited on 17 December 12 at 14:56 by DaShAg
    Starlight126 said:
    I'll round it up a bit, thanks.

    Out of curiosity, did you get the thirteenth MDisk? If so, did you have any issues with the "hang game" ?
    Nope, didn't go for it, seemed too much of a hassle smile
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 December 12 at 15:07
    (Good choice lol)

    Ok nevermind.
  • JMJimmyJMJimmy582,146
    Posted on 08 March 13 at 16:24
    A note on Ming-Tzu's Shop - at this point in the walkthrough if you've purchased everything and not lost too much (ie: saving before each bet and after each win and reloading if you lose) then you only need ~100 units to get the Pearl detector at that point. It's good to do so because it uses up all your credits so you won't lose anything when trying Looter's #2.
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  • BytyqiBytyqi875,533
    Posted on 11 October 13 at 18:28
    Many thanks for this wonderful walkthrough. Helped me all the way to the 200G. THANKS!
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  • angelskangelsk1,172,691
    Posted on 08 December 13 at 18:38
    I wish you could thumbs up a walkthrough - this looks incredibly detailed and I shall be using it when I start playing the game :)
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  • JayourJayour1,111,918
    Posted on 01 February 14 at 21:02
    This is an excellent walkthrough, very thorough but in no way cluttered. Thank you for writing this!

    The only thing I'd look at changing would be the ETC. Following the guide I'm not sure if 6-8 hours is very accurate. I did have some bad luck on areas in the game, where something would glitch and I'd end up having to replay a little but even excluding that I'd still say 8-10 hours seems like a more accurate timeframe for completion.
  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth263,256
    Posted on 10 February 14 at 10:22
    If someone was to play through it following the walkthrough, without any glitches or the like, would it be fair to say that it could be completed in 6 hours? If so, would a 6-10 hour time frame be better suited?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 10 February 14 at 11:00
    Yea, set 6-10 please.
  • SambawebSambaweb708,654
    Posted on 08 February 15 at 15:14
    10hrs here :-/ but very good guide works great :-D
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  • Posted on 10 July 15 at 23:31
    Great walkthrough. Took me around 15 - 20 hours to complete, but very well written and describes everything needed to complete the game easily.

    I'll admit one thing though, the website used for the MDisk code didn't work with me. So I don't know if the website has shutdown.

    Good job bud : )
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