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Deal of the Week: November 13th, 2012

  • PhonySpoonPhonySpoon1,542,851
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:16
    YoshiMiyamoto said:
    Why do the other Puzzle Quests go on sale, but never Galactrix, which is still 1600msp? Are they trying to forget that it ever existed?
    THIS. Every other Puzzle Quest game has gone on sale multiple times, but Galactrix has NEVER been on sale. Its the only one i still need.
  • Nighthawk205Nighthawk205377,059
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:18
    Both of those Puzzle Quest games, Catan, and Carcasonne are great. I really enjoyed PQ 1 and 2. Catan and Carcasonne are great ways to waste time if you want something to play for a short period of time (or long depending on the difficulty and how good you are at it).
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:20
    Anyone know what the anniversary sale is going to be?
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  • Papa El LoroPapa El Loro652,327
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:21
    Got Puzzle Quest 1. Might get 2. Are Carcassonne and Catan any good? And, why no MTG 2013? =(
    Good sale though, don't know why people don't like it.
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  • Katosepe321Katosepe321101,481
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:22
    Definitely getting Puzzle Quest 2. Been waiting for it. May get Catan also but I'm not sure.
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:35
    are Magic Gathering games good?
  • Tao LogosTao Logos907,449
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:37
    If it were truly magic, the magic dlc would be on sale also
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:38
    wow, what a terribad collection of deals
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:43
    I already have all of these except Catan. Is it good?
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  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:53
    WTF why no DLC for Puzzle Quest!? I've been waiting forever and refuse to pay 800msp for it.

    Besides that, I will probably only pick up PQ2, not interested in the rest...
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  • Anders1983Anders1983423,979
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 19:55
    And where's PQ Galactrix, it's still a whopping 1600 msp, for 800 it might be a buy...
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  • PetrifiedPetrified1,663,932
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 20:07
    Bazinga I said:
    are Magic Gathering games good?
    Yes...I bought them all day 1 and the DLC. They are some of the very few arcade games I actually enjoyed.
  • Swinny CostelloSwinny Costello1,291,681
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 20:23
    Carcassonne and Catan are awesome for 400. Too bad I've already got both :P
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 20:26
    Nothing for this guy...
    Lord Namlig
  • izret102izret1022,498,025
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 20:44
    Still needed the first Puzzle Quest. I don't think it has been on sale since i have owned a 360... if ever.

    So maybe they forgot about this one AND Galactrix? ;)

    Have all the other ones already. :)
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 21:01
    Bazinga I said:
    are Magic Gathering games good?
    The MtG:DotP line is basically one game that has been getting small updates every year mainly to fix very annoying UI bugs and bad programming, then released as a new version (2012, 2013) with different decks.

    The only reason to get the old versions is if there was a specific deck you really liked that isn't in the new one. But then you probably have to also buy the old dlc decks, and this also comes at the cost of dealing with terrible programming bugs that weren't fixed until a 2012 or 2013 version.

    I've played all of them, because Magic itself is fun, especially multiplayer, so I'm trying to remember some of the bugs. I recall in 2012, it wasn't uncommon for the all UI elements and menus to disappear and you couldn't interact with any cards. Sometimes rotating the table resolved it, but eventually it doesn't and you have to dashboard. The older versions had even more cumbersome menu navigation and loading times. There are no shortcuts to cards on the battlefield, like Back for graveyard, or zooming in on a creature+enchantment pile, like in 2013, so the annoyance of selecting particular cards on the table is especially evident. There is more, but it's been awhile, because I left those releases behind once a new one came out.

    So, I wouldn't recommend buying the previous ones unless the cost is nothing to you, you have the patience of a saint, and you *really* want to play a deck that may have only been in that version. The old MtG:DotP games are actually just older, unfinished, buggier versions of the current release.
  • Posted on 13 November 12 at 21:11
    I'll maybe pick PUZZLE QUEST 2 as I loved the 1st on on nintendo DS.

    Next week's I AM ALIVE may be tempting too at 800 msp, but sincerely, I'll wait to see what will this 10th XBL anniversary sale is about. If it's anything near of what they've planned for japan it'll suck hard TBH.
  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude1,314,613
    Posted on 13 November 12 at 21:16
    I may grab Carcassone.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 November 12 at 21:30
    As others have said: Galactrix.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 13 November 12 at 21:42
    Bazinga I said:
    are Magic Gathering games good?
    Because you are asking this I would say you are not familiar with Magic in the first place, which is a really good thing. Avoid both games at all costs. They are only for Magic nerds(sorry: fans). I regret playing the first Magic DotPotty or whatever it's called.
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