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EA Reveals Madden 13's Top QBs and RBs

  • BritenBriten221,939
    Posted on 07 August 12 at 16:51Permalink
    How is it that Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aarron Rodgers aren't in a three way tie for best rating?
  • Srl KlrSrl Klr402,436
    Posted on 07 August 12 at 20:49Permalink
    If the top 10 running backs start at 91 overall then McFadden better be a 90 when healthy he was the league's leading runningback last year.
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  • Clovis15Clovis15120,610
    Posted on 08 August 12 at 01:41Permalink
    Tony Romo Is a dink he should be like an 86
  • Posted on 08 August 12 at 01:50Permalink
    CJ2K will be back strong this year!
  • A PhizzleA Phizzle137,712
    Posted on 08 August 12 at 02:19Permalink
    IGutlessIWonder said:
    I hate how Roethlisberger is always considered one of the best QB's in the league. The only thing he's good at is clock management and isn't that easy to tackle, other than that everything is average on him. And don't give me this BS about his super bowl wins, everyone and their mother knows it was their defense that kicked ass, not their QB.

    Eli's rating may be a point or two high but I agree with it. Just as long as either of these lists didn't include Cam Newton or Tim Tebow, I suppose I won't be making a huge fuss over any thing else now.
    Ben has never been considered one of the best in the league, people always have put him in the second tier of QBs.
    In my opinion he deserves to be one of the best. To be considered one of the best you have to back it up with wins and above average stats he does both. Big Ben has a great playoff resume and he remember he has never had a great o line and has never a great WR like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning until Mike Wallace.

    If your a bears I don't know why your so upset over this, the steelers have really done nothing to your team since big Ben showed up.
    Just because Cutler is a big baby and can't deal with any injury unlike big Ben who will play with any broken bone in his body doesn't mean you have to hate on him.
  • A PhizzleA Phizzle137,712
    Posted on 08 August 12 at 02:22Permalink
    I love how everyone is hating on big Ben.

    1. Rodgers
    2. Brady
    3. Brees
    4. Roethlisberger
  • Posted on 08 August 12 at 09:50Permalink
    Wtf where is King Flacco.
    DIE EA
  • madmaxeymadmaxey359,203
    Posted on 13 August 12 at 22:45Permalink
  • MarkLaing07MarkLaing07283,509
    Posted on 28 August 12 at 00:44Permalink
    Tom Brady WHOOO!!!
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