Game Discussion: Adera (Win 8)

For those who can'T download Adera Ep 2 DLC

  • C4B0S3C4B0S3320,107
    Posted on 06 December 12 at 22:08Permalink
    Many people get an error when trying to download the new Adera DLC ingame. I sucessfully downloaded the DLC by going to the "Xbox Games" App and choose Adera. Click on "explore Adera" and you should find the option to buy the DLC from there. As its the normal check out process, it should work for all people who can buy stuff in the normal store. This also works für Rocket Riot 3D DLC
  • SalsbarSalsbar646,681
    Posted on 31 December 12 at 17:26Permalink
    I can't even get the main game to start up. I've downloaded and installed it about 5 times and it just crashes every time I hit new game.
  • cooorpsecooorpse739,997
    Posted on 22 January 13 at 16:17Permalink
    Even from the game itself or for Xbox app I can`t download it, I`m trying with Paypal or Credit Card, none worked. I hate that uncompleted game on my card! UGH!
    Posted on 29 May 15 at 06:17Permalink
    Main game keeps crashing for me. Avoid!
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