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4 Glitched achievements HELP

Posted on 29 September 11 at 13:40, Edited on 14 October 11 at 14:44 by NJDuke007

FYI I had to replay the game from scratch on a new save file to get those last 4 achievements. I was going to edit the original post to be less harsh on EA but seriously fuck those assholes. They release games with glitched achievements and in many cases don't patch them and worse yet they'll claim the achievement isn't broken. I get it's not worth leaving a server up for something like Madden 2007 when there are new versions every year but for the love of God please stop putting online achievements in those games or before taking down servers, patch the game to allow the achievements to be unlocked via system link. I don't care what those lazy / cheap bastards say, patching the games like that is not difficult or time consuming, they just don't give shit. I'll briefly mention here they are assholes for not letting Forza 4 include Porsche vehicles (they hold the license) even when even Porsche pleaded for them to come to an agreement). Lastly, they wouldn't exist if it wasn't for gamers and I realize I and the many others that care about things like this may still be apart of the minority (thanks to the sports games that many people who don't care about achievements are hooked on). However, I still think they should realize there is a large part of the gaming community that is seriously dissatisfied with them as a company and do something about it. I encourage anyone who feels the same way to put (FU EA...for FUCK YOU EA) somewhere in their Xbox and TA status / profile / bio. In addition, I also encourage you guys to do what I do...any of the EA games you buy; buy them used so those assholes don't profit off you. Anyway, I don't rant too often but there's one for the archives.

****UPDATE END****

I first noticed there was a glitch when I completed the X Games but didn't get the achievement for getting a gold in both events. The next time I owned a spot, the x game achievement unlocked (much to my relief).

However, in true EA form, glitches continued:

The following achievements have not unlocked for me despite completely finishing the game:

Urban legend (own all the spots) - as this was the last non-milestone related thing I had to do to completely finish the game, it gave me "Keep Playing" achievement after I owned the last spot but ironically not the urban legend.

Rocketman - I never did this trick in my play through (n00b I know) but I left it for last when going for "tricked out" (complete all tricks in trick boo k in career mode). As soon as I pulled this trick off, I got tricked out but not RocketMan (F.U. EA).

Master Flicker (earn all milestones) - I earned every F'in one of them. Every page of the book indicates that and I have icons for all the milestones.

Contest Pro (beat all contests) - There are no icons on my map legend or the map itself for anything new...only the owned spots.

I had a session starting just as I was going through the frustration of trying to come to grips with this BS so I didn't get to do too much testing to see if I could do something to make them unlock.

I say that because as I mentioned above, I owned a spot the day after winning the x games and that x game achievement finally magically popped. I'm hoping...and likely going out on a limb that if I own some spots, replay some missions that maybe, just maybe EA's garbage code will be generous and unlock the achievements I should have already obtained.

Damn it, I HATE EA more with every day and every new unattainable and glitched achievement. Only good thing I have to say about EA is TerrorFall IS THE MAN for helping me out (and MANY of us) on a viral achievement but other than that nothing but bad (@#$@#$#) things to say about those bastards.

I played this game knowing I won't get celebrity but if I knew I'd get screwed on these others I wouldn't have even bothered and I'm about to stop playing EA games if I keep running into more BS like this.
Forrest, mama was's like a box of achievements...never know which one you're gonna get
Posted on 01 June 12 at 08:13
I think mine is glitches as well.. I haven't gotten the beat all contests but I've done them all. I need to own all spots and that should pop the other 3 but we will see what happens...
Posted on 03 June 12 at 06:02
I owned the last spot and it unlocked completed all milestone achievement but not owned all spots, and my beat all contests is still not unlocked either.
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