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  • Posted on 20 May 11 at 04:24
    Please use this thread to discuss the F1 2010 walkthrough
  • Posted on 20 May 11 at 11:27
    This along with Split Second is going to be my 4th and 5th walkthrough for the site. Hopefully this wont take nearly as long as Mass Effect 2 did. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to ask any questions.
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  • Will072Will072273,276
    Posted on 21 May 11 at 07:27
    Is this game worth picking up Shelf? I have been umming and aahing over it for ages.
  • Posted on 21 May 11 at 11:48
    I absolutely loved this game but I'm not sure if I'd recommend it to anyone. If you're a fan of the sport then definately but if not then there are other sims out there that aren't necessarily better, but they are more varied. Even if you make the races as short as you can they still go on for almost 20 minutes each and if F1 isn't really your thing it will get dull by the end of the second season. But it looks stunning. smile
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  • Will072Will072273,276
    Posted on 21 May 11 at 13:44
    More of an F1 fan than the simulation side of things so that suits well. Look forward to taking a look at the walkthrough! smile
  • Posted on 21 May 11 at 22:23
    This walkthrough is going to take a little longer than I expected. I was hoping to get it done this weekend but I've realised I need to play through one season of the game which I'm also using to get comfortable driving the car without any assists on in preperation for my Expert season. I need to go through it again just so I can record when certain achievements unlock. However because I've still got exams on I can't spend a whole day writing a walkthrough like I did yesterday so you can expect this finished by the end of the month with it being published soon after when its been proof read.
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  • Posted on 22 May 11 at 21:07, Edited on 24 June 11 at 19:50 by Confused Shelf
    8 achievements left to go. Thats all six online achievements and Expert and Commitment is the key from single player. Fairly sure it will be finished before the end of the month.

    • 100%

    • 50%

    • 0%
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  • Posted on 29 June 11 at 17:16
    The walkthrough is now finished, just waiting for it to be checked. Okay so it was a month after I thought it would be done but hey...
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  • Posted on 28 March 12 at 02:54
    The walkthrough has now been published.

    You can find it here: F1 2010 Walkthrough
  • Posted on 23 April 12 at 21:28
    Noticed a mistake. Hot Property (the worst achievement in the game). At the time I thought that was a possible way to get it that way. You can only get it by moving to a higher placed team. Just dedicate a season to not winning in the constructors and then agreeing a move to those above you. When the achievement pops about two thirds of the way through you can win all the rest of the races and win both championships.
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  • Posted on 30 April 12 at 02:07
    Hey Shelf, were you able to correct the mistake?
  • Posted on 30 April 12 at 11:33
    I can't but the correct method is here in the thread.
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  • The Ol n DeThe Ol n De383,984
    Posted on 05 November 17 at 20:14
    there should be 2 walkthrough separate. when you have finished one of the version, it messes up with the highlighting system, and it becomes a bit messy to follow where you are with your achievements. apart from that, great guide.
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