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Challenge 4-9

  • Posted on 24 March 13 at 17:28
    Am completely out of ideas for 45+ points on Challenge level 4-9, does anyone have any pointers? I'm not terrible at the game, although I struggle to push in a straight line with the mouse. I have 3 stars on all other challenges. Completing this level = completing the game, for me. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  • Posted on 24 March 13 at 18:52
    Never-mind dance
  • YnleborgYnleborg190,642
    Posted on 12 May 13 at 11:58
    Can you please post your solution. I'm also missing this one.
  • Posted on 20 May 13 at 18:02
    Yea please let us know what you did. This is driving me crazy. Also stuck in 4-6. I know what I need to do I just can't do it.
  • Posted on 20 May 13 at 18:10
    Nevermind just got 4-6. Now only 4-9 stands in my way.
  • Posted on 20 May 13 at 22:11
    Ok I just got this after I don't know how many attempts.

    There is a lot of luck with this one. I was doing this with a keyboard and mouse. I tried using my trackpad on my laptop but it wouldn't work quite the same. I did every other challenge without an actual mouse.

    The trick is to get the pucks through the two moving bars but not too fast otherwise they just bounce off the walls and off the sides.

    I found that the little teleporter can be hit just to the right, so I used this to my advantage. I would wait for the bars to pass as they are moving to the left. You want to try and get the power meter with about 4-5 ticks left. This should get the puck somewhere in the scoring zone. Then try your best to get the pucks to gently nudge each other without blasting them off the board. You want to try and get at least 3 in the zone, but all 4 would be best.

    With this method the only coins you get are the 7 in the middle, you won't get the two on the sides. So you get 14 points there, but still need 41 points. I ended up with a 15 and two 10s to give me 49 total.
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