Game Discussion: Fruit Ninja (Windows)

Purple is a fruit glitched?

  • LvxLvx284,744
    Posted on 16 November 12 at 14:09
    After not having played this game for a few days due to the Purple is a Fruit achievement frustrating me to no end, I got it today. The thing is, it glitched out.

    I had cut just 4 plums at a score of 38, and *ploop* it unlocked. Anyone else had this experience? Maybe the achievement's flag should be updated to buggy?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 November 12 at 02:10
    wish this would happen cant get it to unlock
  • Posted on 10 December 12 at 14:31
    yeah its bugs out i got this after a count of 7 or 8 but in previous game i had 19 o maybe because of that ???
  • LvxLvx284,744
    Posted on 14 December 12 at 15:08
    Shouldn't the achievement's flag be updated then?
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