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Gold Edition

Poe Dameron 344
Posted on 07 December 12 at 19:43
Hey guys,

Was just wondering if anyone had the same problem as me.

Have just recently bought the gold edition and dowloaded everything from live. Everything is running smoothly apart from the mercenearies mode.

Have tried deleting and re downloading everything bust still will not work. When I load it up it tells me that game disc is unreadable but there are no scratches/grease marks or anything else on disc.

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas
Thanks in advance for any help

B Laudrup 11
Posted on 10 December 12 at 01:19
Try this: Remove the "Extra Figurines" if you've downloaded them. If it works, start up the game and re-download them. If you haven't got them downloaded, then I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Hope it works, and have fun
Achievement Hunter!
Living Legends
Posted on 09 August 18 at 16:25
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