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What am I doing wrong?

  • Posted on 08 September 11 at 18:32
    I'm clearing all the dream stages on every level and have about ten left to go. I made it a point to level each character to 99 and max their proficiency to 50. I pick one of three characters per dream scenario and equip their 4th weapon with almighty. I also have all the abilities maxed and am using increased strength, defense, life gauges as well as boost.

    I'm doing the battle of Honnoji with Huang Zhong on Chaos and the guy gets wiped out by mere soldiers, let alone low ranking generals. Is there some trick to utilizing him? His 4th weapon (w/ Almighty) is not quite maxed in abilities but it's pretty close although his defense is atrocious. What am I supposed to do?
  • LEAFS1212LEAFS1212250,872
    Posted on 18 December 11 at 23:40
    just focus on the generals and the in game prompts of sneak attacks and such. level all three generals up with almighty and keep switchin off when they get beat up
  • Blue RadiumBlue Radium983,970
    Posted on 22 June 21 at 02:04, Edited on 22 June 21 at 10:49 by Blue Radium
    In case someone is having this issue - it's likely weapon traits causing problems. A 4th weapon with almighty is step 1, but you need to have the right traits for almighty to feed into.

    Here is how I set up all my "main" weapons -

    Bolt, Flash, Slayer, Air, Brave, Range, Multi, Agility

    The only absolute must-have is agility. The broken-fast attacks of agility+almighty are what keep you alive on harder stages. Everything else is just highly recommended. If you have multi be sure to have bolt as well, so that the enemies get stun locked in place and your after images can hit. If you want to replace bolt for some reason, trade out multi for might. I've yet to run into a character that doesn't become nigh-invincible with this setup.
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