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    Posted on 05 October 12 at 14:02
    Please use this thread to discuss the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive walkthrough
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 December 13 at 18:04
    You have stated that using the idling method for 'King Of The Hill' is 100 matches in 8 hours or 200 with the glitch. This is grossly inaccurate, idle matches take an average of 8 mins. So you get 7.5 matches an hour and 60 every 8 hours not 100.

    The bare minimum for 'King Of The Hill' and the completion of this game, even with the glitch, is therefore 333 hours not 200.
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  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth243,279
    Posted on 17 December 13 at 21:57
    Thanks for this - I've updated the walkthrough to reflect your maths.

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 02 January 14 at 21:56
    Thanks for the update. I've just completed this grueling game in approximately 425 hours, since many of my idle matches lasted up to 12 minutes. I experimented with settings and maps for a long time and concluded that Arms Race on Baggage on Expert yielded the quickest matches, an average of 8 minutes and fourteen seconds. However some matches would reach over twelve minutes. The one saving grace about this game is that it only ever froze once in all that time.

    Technically if you were a glutton for punishment and Counter-strike itself you could actively play all 2500 matches. Now after becoming very adept at this game going for the 10,000 kills I found that I could complete an Arms Race on Shoots on Easy in 4 minutes flat almost every time.

    Sorry to be a bore but if you want to be pedantic I was wrong when I suggested the minimum of 333 hours but it is also wrong to suggest 400 as the estimated maximum completion time.

    Let me explain further; the minimum requirement time for game in any Walkthrough is the absolute least amount of time any one person could complete the said game. Therefore if the match glitch worked and they actively played the 2500 matches and achieved a proven 4 minute match time (including loading time) then the minimum requirement is actually 167 hours. (all other other achievements can be gained in a single 4 hour gaming session). Although this would be very laborious and ill-advised it is still possible to complete this game then in 171 hours. My earlier suggested amendment was based on enough active play to acquire the 10,000 kills and then idle the rest so it was not minimum per se.

    Also concerning the maximum requirement; this would be based on enough time to acquire the 10,000 kills and then the maximum average of idling for the remaining matches played. Therefore you would have to play out 370.3 matches at 27 kills each and basing this on a poor player for maximum time this would be an average of 8 minutes equaling 49 and a half hours. Then idling the remaining matches (which would be 5000 - 370.3 if the glitch hadn't worked) played at a maximum rate of 12 minutes a match would add a further 926 hours. Then we must add the maximum, even for a poor gamer, of 6 hours of gaming session time for the remaining achievements.

    Therefore the minimum requirement is 171 hours of full active play.
    And the maximum requirement is 981 hours of unlucky idle matches and poor performance.
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  • thirtysmooththirtysmooth243,279
    Posted on 03 January 14 at 09:01
    Thanks for this information. For your efforts, I'll add you on as a Contributor.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 03 January 14 at 15:20
    No problem, anything to help my favourite website smile
    Let me find peace in my own heart and save me from my enemies.
  • itz waz meitz waz me290,227
    Posted on 14 November 14 at 14:21
    There is a minor mistake in the walkthrough.
    The writer wrote that you need to play 5000 games to get:
    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveKing of the KillThe King of the Kill achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 351 pointsPlay 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode

    But it actually only requires 2500 games. You can check the solutions for it for confirmation.
    itz waz me
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