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The Wanderer877
Posted on 08 August 12 at 06:40, Edited on 09 August 12 at 08:39 by jphil03
Hi guys,

I am struggling to get the last 2 gold bricks on lego batman 2. i know one is on the bonus level but the other is on the map shown outside the city hall building but there is no arrow when using the golden brick finder. I have tried to use a helicopter or plane but cannot find a start point for a challenge. Any ideas please really want to have this game completed! thanks
Posted on 10 August 12 at 16:14
When looking at the map and you do a Scan at City Hall, it is a gold dot that is there right? I just want to make sure. I don't remember their being a challenge that started at City Hall, though I think one ended there. I would look for all the flying vehicles that are nearby and see if you didn't do the challenge for one.

As I think for the vehicle challenges (flying through all the rings) don't have gold dots on the map indicting that's where the starting point for the gold brick is, but instead the dot appears where the end of the challenge is.
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