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    Posted on 23 May 11 at 21:09
    Please use this thread to discuss the Mortal Kombat walkthrough
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  • Posted on 08 March 13 at 15:44, Edited on 08 March 13 at 15:51 by SnelleSjonnie
    See my comment on the solution for My Kung Fu Is Stronger.
    ClaytThaGreat Mortal Kombat My Kung Fu Is Stronger ClaytThaGreat's solution for the My Kung Fu Is Stronger Achievement in Mortal KombatGain Mastery of All Fighters

    The section on this final grinding achievement pretty much copies above solution.
    I think it could and should address blood spills, because for several characters chances are that you are left with 2000+ pints to spill. That is because those characters spill relatively few blood in their fatalities and x-rays. (Or maybe I picked wrong fatality to do...). Anyway, there are ways to work fast towards finalizing blood.

    Also, Noob's fatalities are more like sweep than jump distance, I found out (after googling). Please check if you agree and then update solution?
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