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Is this game any good?

  • Posted on 03 October 10 at 19:30
    I'm looking for some older, cheaper racing games and was just wondering if this was any cop!?

    I looked on Metacritic and that was no help whatsoever and I just wanted to know from you guys what it was really like.

    The TA score on it is very high and I didn't want a game with a real stupid grind in it. I can cope with a challenge but Cheese mints like this
    Ridge Racer 6Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Ridge Racer 6 worth 565 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement
    (Drive 10000 miles) scare me. Some driving games you struggle with 1000 miles.

    Your thought would be most appreciated. Also any other suggetions will be gratefully received.
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    Posted on 03 October 10 at 19:56
    I remember reading a review. The only thing that stuck with me is a caption of the girl's breasts that said they were the star of the cutscenes. I'm guessing it's not so good, but I'm interested nonetheless. Erm, for totally unrelated reasons.

    I haven't heard anything good about it, for the record.
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  • Posted on 03 October 10 at 20:30
    It depends what you are after, I have personally been waiting for Game Rental to send me this game for 6 months and am close to buying it >_> But its a very arcadey racing game, you can do drift 360s on the middle of the track for example, but Ive played other RR games and from personal experience I think they are a ton of fun.

    As for achievements from what ive heard, the no crash victory is the hardest part.
  • Posted on 03 October 10 at 23:47, Edited on 03 October 10 at 23:49 by blastmastrj420i
    Well picked this game up for cheap a couple years age.. I think I played it a few times... then haven't touched it since!!! It is very arcadey (then again this is RR), and I used to love the gameplay the first one had, this is nearly the same. But there are alot of races, alot of repeated tracks if I remember right, every car had some kind of funky japenese name to them... honestly since I didn't play it much and probably won't anytime soon. I couldn't recomment this to you - in terms of challenge not that hard if you have played RR before. Honestly I think the Ratio is probably high, because the game is so boring and maybe grinding has to do with that.
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