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    Posted on 16 April 08 at 16:03
    Please post your suggestions for gaining achievements for Guitar Hero III in this thread
  • Mickey BurnsMickey Burns381,258
    Posted on 12 August 09 at 01:12
    Any idea if the Back Up Hero and Guitar wizard achievements are like the same ones in GH Aerosmith where it is only the primary user ... or if I have someone signed into a profile for each player, we each get the accompanying achievement?
  • mrbellekmrbellek572,472
    Posted on 29 October 09 at 17:49
    Yeah they're the same I think. And you cannot use the No Fail trick like in GH:A to complete the coop careers if the patch is installed :(
  • Danky1227Danky1227445,553
    Posted on 15 February 10 at 20:35
    can you do living legends online? if not then im screwed cuz i dont know anyone around me that can do expert :/
  • iiM SO N1NJAiiM SO N1NJA114,068
    Posted on 23 February 10 at 20:33
    Nope, local coop only. =/
  • Posted on 11 May 10 at 15:35
    what is this "NO FAIL" trick you speak of?...i know, i must be the last to know
  • Negative ZZNegative ZZ113,997
    Posted on 11 May 10 at 18:16
    Check the solutions for the Aerosmith accompanying achievements, complete co-op on Guitar/Bass

    That's why the ratio's are so high for the co-op ones, its local only. Unless you can just play quickplay and 5 star them all.
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