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Kinect Sports Gems on Sale [UPDATE]

  • Vr EnglishVr English846,190
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 07:39
    MathGuy42 said:
    CASS190684 said:
    As for the actual "games", are these worth 160MSP? How long would it takes to finish one? I'm thinking about maybe just getting the tennis one but not sure how much gameplay I'd actually get out of it?
    I've only played Ski Race and Darts vs Zombies so far. I had fun with Ski Race, but DvZ was frustrating due to Kinect not always registering my throws. I didn't time myself, but I'm guessing each game would take 2-4 hours to complete. Each game is just one mini-game type of KS 1 or 2.

    Each game has 10 levels. You gain levels by earning stars; you earn stars by completing missions. Unfortunately, you can only have 3 missions active at a time, so you can only make modest progress on each attempt. It can be especially frustrating if you got lucky and completed a hard task which wasn't an active mission, only to be unable to repeat your luck. This is what has happened to me in DvZ; I got to Wave 16 once, but I need to do it again to complete the game.

    With a modicum of skill and patience, I think anyone can reach level 8 and hence get at least 8 out of 10 of the achievements. Some of these may be hard to complete for some though. I finished Ski Race, but I'm stuck at 9/10 on DvZ. If someone buys all 9, I'm sure they can finish some of them.

    Are they worth 160 MSP? If you really liked Kinect Sports, want some easy achievements, and want some medium difficulty game completions, then I'd say yes. I've bought them all now that they are on sale.

    But don't expect much replayability. To have a wider variety of games to play, I'd suggest buying Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection itself. Each type of sport will have multiple mini-games, as well as more standard ways to play (for example, a simulated darts game instead of just Darts vs Zombies).
    Good to know, that'll be a pass from me.
  • DaeryoonDaeryoon538,037
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 11:15
    I think I will make the investment in all of these gems while they are on sale. It will use my free points from last month and some bing points. I can't pass up the eas completions and completion for Kinect Fit (some of the Gems count towards it).

    I'll look into the Ultimate Collection later after I move and more time to devote to Kinect. For now, some quick and easy games sound fun.
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  • Posted on 15 May 13 at 12:57
    Out of these Sports Gems, which ones are the most enjoyable to play? I've heard that Darts vs. Zombies is the weakest out of the bunch.
    Rollus Tidus
  • SandMan NL1SandMan NL1923,897
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 13:28
    Still waiting for the Kinect Sports Season 2 DLC to go on sale :(
  • PhxSuns1FanPhxSuns1Fan591,890
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 13:30
    Great I was waiting on the bowling one too :(
    My life doesn't evolve around Xbox, or atleast I keep telling myself that :)
  • JaggexedgeJaggexedge239,435
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 15:38, Edited on 15 May 13 at 15:40 by Jaggexedge
    Patriot65108 said:
    Is BlazBlue: Calamity Triger any good? It's only $10 and I'm considering it but not sure about it. The only fighting games I've played are Mortal Kombat series and thought they were decent, but I'm pretty crappy at them, so if the game is hard, it'd make it frustrating to do the cheevos.
    Blazblue CT is a really good game and the series is worth looking into (Even if you are not that skilled in fighters). If you find yourself liking the game and want to play the sequel, skip CS and instead go for CS:Extend (As it's an updated version of the game with all the DLC characters already included).

    As far as the achievements go, they are quite easy and you shouldn't have too much difficulty getting them. However, there is an online component and will likely require some boosting (Seeing as the online community isn't the biggest, and what is left will likely destroy you). Fortunately, boosting in the game is really easy and can't be interrupted by randoms.
  • CamTheeGamerCamTheeGamer2,481,363
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 16:08
    Just picked up all the Sports Gems that were on sale, can't wait to replay some of my favorite Kinect Sports games for more achievements smile
  • TwistedTBTwistedTB1,466,405
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 16:39, Edited on 15 May 13 at 17:06 by TwistedTB
    Can anyone tell me which are the best Sports Gems to get for easy/quick completions? Top 4 or 5 would be good. Thanks.
  • Throni360Throni3602,603,017
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 18:08
    Patriot65108 said:
    It's only $10
    You can get it used for $3-5. Not worth it.
  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude1,315,005
    Posted on 15 May 13 at 18:14
    9 fairly easy completions is tempting.. but still pricey. I'd do it if they were a dollar each..
  • Posted on 15 May 13 at 21:28
    Hmm 1280 seems like a lot, but they are each 10 achievements a piece. Overall achievement count is high, but at only 5 a piece they don't add up much.

    I'll think about it. I do have quite a bit of points racked up from bing rewards...
  • Posted on 16 May 13 at 03:18
    I am so glad that I didn't miss the Arc System sale, I passed by this article like 5 times today already and didn't see that subheader. I'd recommend making it a separate article, they're not on sale for the same reason and they are incredibly different games from the main section of the article.
  • liiamiliiami307,012
  • MathGuy42MathGuy42839,242
    Posted on 16 May 13 at 12:07
    In case you haven't noticed the updated article, Bowling is now 160 MSP at, at least in the US.
    TwistedTB said:
    Can anyone tell me which are the best Sports Gems to get for easy/quick completions? Top 4 or 5 would be good. Thanks.
    I've only played Ski Race and Darts vs Zombies, so I can only personally say that Ski Race is easier and more fun. Here's a list of the TA scores, from lowest to highest. I also included the TA ratio for the 10th achievement. Looks like DvZ causes the most trouble, though Bowling has the highest final ratio.

    Penalty Saver - 65 TA, 1.56
    Reaction Rally - 71 TA, 1.81
    Prize Driver - 76 TA, 1.86
    Ski Race - 79 TA, 2.29
    Field Goal Contest - 79 TA, 2.31
    3 Point Contest - 80 TA, 2.44
    Ping Pong - 82 TA, 2.03
    10 Frame Bowling - 83 TA, 2.86
    Darts vs Zombies - 91 TA, 2.43
  • punkyliarpunkyliar298,861
  • Posted on 16 May 13 at 13:24
    I don't understand how the Darts vs. Zombies games is causing people any trouble... Easily the easiest of the gems I've played so far - or maybe it's just that it was the first one I played... Prize Driver has been the most annoying so far...

    They're a bit repetitive - as someone already mentioned, only 3 'missions' are active each time you start a game, so if you're playing them for the achievements, you need to keep an eye out for each time you complete a mission, and if you get all three, let yourself get knocked out the game so you can start another with three new missions...

    I probably found the DvZ game the most fun so far, (like the little nod to Thriller at the end) but they're all reasonably fun, and for 160MSP, I'd say they're worth it...

    Should really put some time into finishing the other games off...
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  • MathGuy42MathGuy42839,242
    Posted on 16 May 13 at 18:14
    Killian Fraggle said:
    I don't understand how the Darts vs. Zombies games is causing people any trouble... Easily the easiest of the gems I've played so far - or maybe it's just that it was the first one I played... Prize Driver has been the most annoying so far...
    Your Kinect must love you. smile Sounds like you found a very good throwing technique.

    I agree that DvZ is very simple in theory. The problem comes in having the Kinect accurately sense when you mean to throw a dart. It would sometimes throw when I didn't want it to or not throw when I did. It was till easy to get every mission except for reaching Wave 16. That's the only thing keeping me from completion.
  • Posted on 17 May 13 at 15:44
    Is anyone else seeing that it says get ten gram bowling free this week only when they click on the kinect gems sale tile or is it just me
  • Posted on 18 May 13 at 16:19
    CASS190684 said:
    Thanks Cornerscout and MathGuy42 - I might just grab one or two for now. I'd be happy with 2-3 hours gameplay as I have got some free points from the rewards program, plus I got my last few lots of MSP really, really cheap anyway.
    I don't actually own a Kinect but I will have access to one for the next few months, so that's why I thought some smaller games might be better for me, rather than starting the retail Kinect Sports games. They sound like they could be good for a rainy day or when I'm in between games or just don't know what to play :)
    If that's the case, look into Kinect Fun Labs. Most, if not all, of the "games" are free now. Several are rather repetitive but most don't require a second person. And only one requires Gold: Avatar Kinect; to complete it, you'll probably have to create a session.

    There's also Xbox Voice Studio if you just want GS. You are just talking to the Kinect around the room to unlock avatar items and achievements.
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  • NickHawkeyeNickHawkeye225,999
    Posted on 21 May 13 at 12:10
    well I'm going to nab all of them but the soccer, ping pong and tennis ones, if those go on sale again for less I'll probably pick hem up and round out the collection
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