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Madden 13 Kicks Off With Two Launch Trailers

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    I personally am enjoying playing the connected careers online with friends. I have to agree with xDAx Awesome that i really dislike the running system. I am currently a running back in my connected career and i am averaging more receiving yards than rushing yards because the running system is just not very good in my opinion. It doesn't ruin the game for me but it does hurt.
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    xDAx AWESOME said:
    I have also been playing Madden since it came out... and while some things are a bit better this year, some are not. This is the 8th Madden on the 360... it's a joke there is still stuff to complain about. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree... the Connected Careers brings none of what you just said. It complicates the separation of game modes for absolutely no reason. It doesn't make anything better than it would have been if they were singular modes. Instead you have to dig through menus to get to what you want, and for the most part, features that have existed in each game mode are cut to make CC work more fluidly.

    As far as the XP system... so, a menu where you select what you'd like to add one attribute to is revolutionary? To me it's cheap and boring. Oh well. I was just expecting it to push the game forward this year, and I don't think it did. That's all.
    I never called anything revolutionary. And the connectivity of the different modes doesn't impress me at all. I'm saying that if you take the Franchise end of it, it's the best Franchise mode since 2005 when they had the Tony Bruno radio show and all that. Not because of the Twitter feed or the headlines, those are cool, but because of the XP system and the goals in place. Weekly goals, milestones, yearly goals. It makes it much deeper now. Even individual players have goals now.

    Unfortunately for me CJ2K likely won't get his 1600 yards because he's missing five games with an injury. :(

    It isn't really a "joke" that there is still stuff to complain about. Think of any series, ever -- even beyond video gaming. People will always find stuff to complain about.
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