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Post Here if You STILL Can't Connect

Posted on 15 May 13 at 17:25
Here's a quick question for everyone who is still having problems connecting:

What Xbox 360 model are you using, and what connection type? I have an S model up in my room that's connected to wi-fi, and I downloaded the game Day 1 and haven't been able to connect to it at all. Downstairs, however, I have a launchbox (pre-HDMI port being added) that is connected via Ethernet, and I haven't had any issues connecting or being booted. I also have my router set to connect my S model to the same IP address every time I use it because it would kick me off Xbox Live randomly if I didn't have it set that way. My launchbox has its IP address completely dynamic.
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Posted on 31 May 13 at 07:22
I've only been able to get the game to load once by luck
I've got WiFi and have good connection
My Xbox is the original white model also.
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